What do you think about this year's kickoff and game?

I’m here watching the kickoff, and I was curious what people thought of this year’s kickoff as it’s been happening. Good luck to all teams this year.

I think it is much more interesting so far… a lot more action… less of just watching people talk. If it is shorter it is deffinetely better!:]

As Woody shows us a few items it appears that this years Robot will be much better, espically with some of the new features.

I like the announcement of the bigger motors and other items.

I am working the Kick-Off from Ft. Lauderdale and they appear excited about everything they see so far.


I have a feeling that this year, driving systems are going to be very vital with the new motors they are giving us. I also have a feeling that they’re going to make something else that requires lots of time to accomplish since they are already including motor mounts. What do you guys think?

Power increase. Why did they desire the drive shaft


People are paying key attention to Woody’s words.



Power consumption.

I need more power!!!:slight_smile: The motor mounts are nice and the flexible shaft collars is cool. It’s a really nice kit.

This is gonna be mad funness, but hard as anything I think.

Looks hard but incredibly simple in how it works. Good game

Can this get any harder. WEll boxes is better than balls is all i say. Boxes will definitly be a tough challenge to control. Boxes will require many things and I hope to see every master this new test. Woody and Dean are wishing that this year the best. So lets make it work.

I want my mommy.

This is going to be intresting, and fun to watch! Everyone good luck!!!

I’m glad its turn away from brute force where every trip back to the pit required fixing damaged robot parts as a result of tug of wars or shoving matches. Lots of thinking, good luck everyone! <sniffle> I’ll be there to cheer on at LA and maybe silicon valley.

I want my mommy! I can’t take this!

Really, the game is simple. It can be described in a couple short words. This being my first year with FIRST, I see that things are NOT as hard as I had thought. I actually like this years format much better than the 2002 game. I can’t wait for the first FIRST Regional!

This is going to be so cool!

The kick-off was pretty exciting and fun!!! Somewhat boring at times though. Otherwise it was awesome


I heard from some of you that there will be less “fighting” among the bots. Is that a fact? We will be competing for the top of the bridge and trying to guard boxes

Was I the only one who didn’t understand a word Dean Kamen said?

well, the game is different. its going to be a very fun year. how about those bins huh? we got ours, all 45 of em. might wanna check sams club

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**Was I the only one who didn’t understand a word Dean Kamen said? **

He sounded sick.


this game is already scaring me. I have ideas and such, but the fact is that your position will change in an instant. And people, don’t expect a lot of people to go for the bot on top of the ramp. It’s slipery and it has mesh. :yikes:

There was a deviation to Dean’s speach. He didn’t say the same things he has said for the last few years. Oh, and when the curtain went up my jaw hit the floor. All I could say was “Oh, sweet.” I like it, moer than any other game I’ve been in (which isn’t many but I was already tired of the balls) I’m ready to tackle this year head on. I think there will be plenty of time to design very complex manipulators with a very simple chasis, it’s an intelligent idea.

im a member of a rookie team and we r excited as nething to be able to particapate in such a great competition. the game sounds fun, yet challangeing and the idea of using tubs is nice b/c they stack easily but one wrong move and CRASH!!!

team 1019