what do you think high score will be

at nationals we will probally see some super teams. How high can a team get it this year???

I’m going to throw this out thier but if you get the right combo against a pretty weak alliance you could have a high score.

25, 111, 1126 (if they got together I could see a score of 150+)

1114, 1503, 1680 (I could see a score of 150+)

111, 121, and 343 (I could see a score of 160+)

Their are many more combanations I could see getting 150 - 200 points.

I agree on the near 200 score potential. During brainstorming I thought that teams would push 200 just because of 3 teams per alliance scoring with the balls recirculating between the sides of the fields. I was a little disappointed when I saw scores below 20 in my first matched viewed.

If the finals are anything like the shooting-match style of play we saw last year in Hotlanta, I think we’ll see something in that range.

I’m not too sure about 200, but 150’s are quite possible.

I’ve heard that one team has set a goal of 200 in Lost Wages this week… So said a couple of their emissaries in Annapolis, anyway.

Thats preposterous! :wink:

thanks for letting the cat out of the bag. Yes we think we can score 200 only if the stars aline all in a row. we will be more effecent scoring now that we have watched several weeks of matches. But i will not hold my breath on the 200 pt score :yikes:


hahahaha is it???

200 Pt’s, thats a little high. If all three teams scored ten in auton, thats 100 Pt’s right off the bat. Follow that with an average of ten per robot in the final two periods and you might get to 200. Any way you figure it, around 70 balls have to be scored for 200 Pt’s. At Nationals 150 or more will be, hopefully, scored in the finals. I have not idea who’s going to do it.

I could see at IRI a 150+ score but probably not at a regional. GTR is the best shot, if 1114, 217 and 1503 are in the same alliance I could see it. At nationals I don’t think it is possible just for the fact that there are so many teams that super alliances can’t form in QF matches and in Elim matches so much defense is played that it just can’t happen.

I disagree with the number of teams and the number of matches it is very likely that atleast one match in one division will match 3 of the best shooters against 3 robots that can not play effective defense.

Also in elimination rounds I think that a high score is more likely it is very possible for 3 offensive teams to be teamed together, If you can score enough points there is no need to go on defense.

With some teams putting up over 60-70 points per match, I think we’ll hit around 160-170. 200 might be pushing it a bit, since each team would have to put up an average of ~67 points…somewhat unlikely to me with the amount of balls and the speed of their recirculation…but then again

this is FIRST
and we make all kinds of miracles happen :rolleyes:

in Philly 341, 56 and us(177) scored 121 points in a qualifier round :slight_smile: . i believe this is the third highest score so far. the others were 129 and 159. :ahh:

The highest scores so far are:

159 (1503, 703, 178)
137 (25, 486, 225)
135 (229, 1241, 1006)