What do you think is the most strategic game so far?

Ranking games by strategic depth since 2013


Agreed, especially when viewed as compared to team capability at the time and complexity of adjacent games.

We’ve yet to have anything even close to a 2004 style game in the modern era.


If the metric is “proficiency of human players”, it’s got to be 2009. Staying out of pins was hugely important, and if you had a human sharpshooter that could nail trailers you could go very very far with a box on wheels.

I agree with 2004 though, there were just so many interesting gameplay decisions that you could make in real time. I think the state of the art has evolved a lot since 2004 though, so if we were to play it again it would be a lot more linear because the robots would be much better.

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2018 was a pretty strategic game mostly because in many ways you couldn’t simply do the same thing over and over in a match, but instead you had to play according to the field state and what place needs more cubes and what is most valuable in that time, however I do agree that a lot of matches came down to auto


I’ll agree here. I think 2018 was really interesting because there were more niches than robots on the alliance: putting cubes on the scale, putting cubes on the home switch, putting cubes on the opponent switch, cycling into the exchange, doing physical defense to get in the opponent’s way. The changing availability of cubes and the changing places where you had to put them throughout the match made it really interesting.
However, as a member of our scouting team, I watched many matches (at the district quals level) where the game was decided before it even began because only one alliance could effectively put cubes on the scale. By the halfway point of nearly every match, you knew who would win.
By contrast, 2017, 2019, and 2020 all could be decided at the end of the match. The last two years, we’ve rarely switched what we were doing partway through the match.