What do you think of our banner?

I made this last night…

www.team975.org/etc/banner1.jpg (Yeah I know it’s pretty bombastic, but I like the fire too much :frowning: )

And our buttons



the buttons on the black are HOT!! they look really sweet.

as for the others i like them…the fire is alittle much but they still have that synergy spirit

I loved your buttons last year, and this year you seem to want to keep the title as best button at VCU! VERY GOOD GUYS! Can’t wait to get some tomorrow!

Thanks, it’s funny to see the evolution of all the buttons (cough, I made them all, cough) When I get home I can show you the original concept button.

Also, it sucks because when they called us up for best button, I was at Subway = MISSED MY CHANCE AT FAME LAST YEAR, BUT I WILL BE THERE THIS TIME! :]

It’s quite stressful being the only person on the team capable of doing graphics, I have to do the Promo sheet, Spec sheet (I did ours last year), Buttons, website, forums, banner, T-Shirt, woof.

Hey, I updated the banner with less fire.