What do you think the AVA topic will be this year?

For years the AVA topic was always about the FIRST Robotics competition itself. Then last year they changed the topic to “Thinking Green”

What do you guys think this year’s theme will be?

Given Dean’s views it might be “thinking greener.”

or ‘greener thinking’ …

Whatever it is you guys will not disappoint. It will rock.

monkeys and Llamas

That reminds me of a guy I know; he said that every time he took an AP English practice test (and on the real one) he had to fight an urge to write something about penguins or another massively off-topic subject. (but especially penguins) I think it’d be pretty funny if FIRST did something like that: “Teams are to make an animation about cocobolo and/or naked mole rats. Go Teams!” Even better, something really vague so teams can really flex their creative muscles and we’d get to see a wide variety of animations. Something like “Make an animation relating to the word ‘set.’ Go Teams!” That would be great, with 464 definitions, I’m sure that would inspire a wide variety of animations.

It’ll probably be something inspirational.

Maybe something about exploring outer space. Or inner space (the oceans)? Or maybe health care in the future.

I don’t know if the theme is determined by FIRST or Autodesk.

there would be no way of fair judging tho with such a WIDE range of ideas and concepts if it was that vague. It would be fun but its VERY likely that some teams will “female dog” and moan about not winning…

None the less, it would be very fun for it to be as vague as possible, but not everyone has 100% gracious professionalism and will complain about SOMETHING with rules that vague…

Could be something about power consumption, natural resources, environmental issues that dig deeper than “thinking green” …stuff like that.:confused:

Something that has absolutely nothing to do with the competition.
And there will be a two week deadline.:rolleyes:

Since Autodesk is also letting teams download Combustion, I wonder if that is significant.

My bet is that it will be something to do with teamwork. I’m still hoping for something to do with llamas, though.

Boom Baby!

I hope its generic as hell, since our team already started modeling stuff…

hope our stuff can fit into the theme… lol

Lol, inovation in your community… was not expecting that, though considering last year I guess I should have.

I friggin love this years theme. Its so loose i can go ANYWHERE with it. and i am.