What do you think this year's competition will be NAMED?

I have read alot of the posts about the game hints, and alot of them seem like they could be very valid!! (I know nothing about the game for sure!!)

In years gone by, the name of the game has a lot to do with the main idea or theory of the game, but also they seem to hold a pattern of some sorts.
The two (or more?) word names themselves of the competition seem to either rhyme or have the same letter for the first and second word.

Zone Zeal (same letters)
Hexagon Havoc (same letters)
Double Trouble (Rhyming)
Stack Attack (Rhyming)
Maize Craze (Ryming)

So, I have a question for you: Given all the ideas with stairs and stairways and different paths, and time constraints and the whole Vmax clue, what do you think this year’s game will be named???

My official guess is… (drum roll please)

Velocity Atrocity!

I think that this is a very far off guess but I want to see what every one else can come up with!

good guess “applauses” haha :yikes: :smiley:

Sounds good to me. Of coarse though, Kevin and I are from Elgin’s team so we would think that. :smiley:

Hmm names, Ok I have a few:

Tower Terror

Stairway (to Heaven) Step

Crazy Carousel

Someone tossed out the idea of the carousel earlier so it’s all I could think of. My real reason for posting is just to say I bet the FIRST PDF password is the game name :smiley:

I’ve got a few…

‘Stair Affair’ (if we have stairs)
‘Dual Duel’ (if the edubots play autonomously while the big bots play under human control)
‘Cone Conundrum’ (if the scoring object is traffic cones)

<edit: Clark, I think you’re exactly right about the password>

By the way, here is the link from FIRST’s site that has the names of all of the competitions from years gone by.
edit: forgot to post the link. my bad! :smiley: here it is:

Aaron, Tower was already used once just to let you know. - It certainly doesn’t mean that they won’t use it again, but in my opinion it is very unlikely.
Plus… named after a Disney ride (sort of)?? Even more unlikely IMHO.

I’d have to go with Stair Scramble, continuing the stair idea.

Step Stomp


Send in the Clowns.

Yes, I know. It doesn’t rhyme.

Remember when FIRST used to solicit recommendations for the name of the competitions?

As an aside, every competition to date, save one (Coopertition FIRST), has used alliteration or rhyming as part of the naming scheme.


This year’s game will be Snack Attack, a sequel to last year’s game. Rather than plastic boxes, the objects will be vending machines filled with Krispy Kremes (Dave Lavery’s favorite). The field will be similar to last year, except it will have stairs instead of a ramp. The object of the game is to have the robot pick up the Krispy Kremes and take them to the human player. The teams win points based upon how many Krispy Kremes the human player can consume before either a) Time runs out or b) Human Player pukes. Oh, and the field will be littered with inflatable clowns and barrels.

Deck Dash

Stair Smash
Dual Drop
Autonomous Aggravation
Free Fall
Hang Bang (well, if something falls…)
Drop of Doom? :stuck_out_tongue:

hanging horror

With some of these names that were given, it looks like some of you may have stumbled on the same webpages I did when I looked up the phrase “Stairway to Heaven”

Deck Dash - One page I went to thought that the Stairway to Heaven was a actual set of stairs from a deck that goes up from a garden.

Hanging Clues - I also stumbled onto a website that had a book about programming ion C++++ and Maple which had a chapter named Stairway to Heaven. It was about a logic that involved offsetting blocks and hanging them off a table of some sort and having their values cancel each other out


Last Call for your name guess…

Kickoff starts in less than 15 minutes!!

My official guess is FIRST FRENZY! YAH BABY!

Yeah, nice try Scott… A little late though!
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