What do you think?

Ok, now that the season is over its time to start raising that money everyone needs for next season!

We have an idea, i wanted to get some input and possibly some other ideas to sprout off of this to get more money or sponsorship

Sigma Squared is going to hold a formal dinner and invite 10-15 local business heads or HR directors from the bigger companies and corporations in the area and attempt to sway them into committing themselves into either donating 5000 dollars or raising 5000 dollars.

What do you think?

its a great idea! we tested that this year but we just invited alot of parents (which going to rich private schools helps) but it worked out good. In inviting them you could charge 20 a plate for fundraising that way. Another thing we did is are sponsor is part of this network of engineers that meet i guess every month. We had them come and see are robots and how we operate

Our team is planning to have a BBQ at some point and we were going to sell the tickets at some price. we were all thinking of somewhere around $7-8. it looks like we all have food on our minds :stuck_out_tongue: