What do you think?

We are Team 829 and are team name is Digital Goats. What do you think of our name?


I think that could make for a very cool logo…

Digital Goats- Not as harmless as they look

Digital Goats! EWE We’re bhaaaaad!

ok, lets hear the story behind this

(there better BE a story behind this or you guys are just weird :^)

Yeah there is kinda…A mentor said we should name our team Digital Gold…and then another mentor said no we should be Digital Goats…and everyone thought it was awesome…

Now we are Team 829 Digital Goats :smiley: !!!

I think the name is great! I would also like to hear the story of your team’s name (which I just did, silly mentor) I have a very funny story about goats that were mistaken for ghosts, but since I want to maintain a certain (delusional) degree of dignity on this site, I’ll stay quiet about it.


there use to be a team called “Das Goats”

they were sponsored (Im pretty sure) by the Navy Academy? The name was a take on the submarine movie “Das Boot” (German for The Boat)

BTW, whats the difference between a Digital Goat and an Analog Goat?

Digital Goats: The Other White Meat

have fun with the logo

No, it’s not named after a submarine, but here’s our logo.

untitled.bmp (99.8 KB)

untitled.bmp (99.8 KB)

to the tune of “Particle Man” by They Might be Giants:

Analog Goat
Analog Goat
Analog Goat meets Digital Goat
They have a fight
Digital wins
Digital Goats

Cool Logo :slight_smile: