what do you think ???

Tell us what you think about our robotic arm …

wow those are some big cylinders. i like the basic design. cant wait to see a vid of it

Unsolicited advice:

Strongly consider replacing one of those big cylinders with a motor-driven mechanism. You’re ability to function is going to be severely limited by available air pressure otherwise – and a motor will offer a more finite degree of control where it might be necessary.

Yeah. We found that out the hard way and now are switching to a motorized lift system.

Yeah you guys might want to switch those cylinders out. they will take forever to fill even with your compressor running continuously.

I like the basic design of your arm, but you might want to consider adding some more support structures due to the inevitability of impact, either by walls, other robots, or the overpass (espically if you plan on trying to hurdle during hybrid mode)

Very nice. Can’t wait to watch it in action.

Not only will you have finite control, but you will be using less power, as the compressor will need to run almost constantly fill those big cylinders. Plus the mechanical advantage of a motor versus the the cylinder.


We used a big cylinder last year and didn’t like!

The compressor can’t suply the acumulators during the match…we put the ringers on the top spider lag just one time per game…

But… it’s a good idea of your team! :smiley: