What do you use for game controllers?

We are looking at different game controller solutions. This past year we just used 2 Xbox controllers, which work well and are high quality. The only con is there isn’t a ton of resolution on a single joystick. The pros are some of our drivers probably have been using them since they were 3 years old.

I’ve explored the idea of drone controllers maybe. Larger joysticks. Also sometimes more buttons?

Any advice?

Atari 2600 joysticks. If you need more than one button, you’re doing it wrong! :grinning:
Seriously though, team 5675 uses Xbox controllers. We looked into using drone controllers a couple of years ago and decided that Xbox controllers were fine for us.


This flight controller worked spectacularly for us with swerve this season, I highly recommend

We also use Xbox controllers for our driver station. Unfortunately basically all game controllers use the same potentiometer based part for the joystick. It would be great if someone brought back hall effect based ones like on the Dreamcast, but that’s probably too expensive.

177 transitioned to these Ruffy Controls sticks for our base driver and have been very happy per recommendation from 176 Aces High. We expect these to last a long time as they are meant for industrial use and are pretty darn robust. I also like that they can be mounted easily.

Edit: wrong product linked.

HE1-51-S-A-5-BK is what we use.

Configuration: HE1, 3 Axis 1 Button Slim Z, Square Limiter, Drop-In STD. Square Bezel, USB, Black

Currently for additional auxiliary controls we use a basic Logitech gamepad but are looking into any higher quality gamepads as we seem to get some flaky USB cables pretty quickly.

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This is Pricey for 1 joystick but cool!

There’s always tradeoffs in life between buying a more durable good for a higher price versus purchasing something less expensive more frequently. It is certainly an investment but from feedback I got from other teams it is a worthwhile one.

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Oh yeah I don’t disagree. If you really break down the cost per match of FRC its well worth it.

What did you guys mount these to? Bonus points if you have a picture of your controller.

Do you find there is better resolution?

Currently no pics on me. They’re currently mounted to a temporary wooden station, awaiting a redesigned operator’s box this summer. We switched to these officially for Houston this season, so I haven’t personally played with them much on a robot as I only drive our 2020 robot around our classroom a bit not on an open field, but I’ll touch base with our driver to get her thoughts.

Have a look through this thread from not too long ago. Lots of good discussions/recommendations in there.

We used these joysticks this year. You can attach 8 buttons/switches to each joystick, so we ended up with 12 buttons and one switch on our driver station.

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PowerA Wired XBox One and One X/S controllers. They’ve worked out pretty nicely.

2 PlayStation controllers and one thrust master joystick. We originally used one of those Logitech ones that came in the kop but we ran into some reliability issues with it (it’s probably been sitting in our closets for 5 years).

We have used these, we have a little dongle that ties them together into one usb output for the computer. You can also buy USB versions of the controllers.

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We switched to ps4/ps5 controllers this year.
For the ps4, you need to run ds4win, but we wanted a controller with less drift than the xbox and still has rumble and the feel of a game controller.

We let our drive team decide. last year we had a tank drive and both operator and driver used F310 Logitech controllers. this year we had a tank drive. driver wanted 2 flight sticks set up in arcade drive one for throttle one for turning and the operator used an f310

was currious how the PS4/PS5 controllers differed from the xbox

We’ve tended to use joysticks in past years, but this year we implemented our first swerve drive and a couple of joysticks just wasn’t going to do the trick, so we went with a Logitech F310 controller for the driver and struck with our custom button board for the operator. The Logitech controller worked out very well, especially since our driver is an experienced drone pilot and it was a very familiar interface for him to work a swerve drive with. The button board uses a USB control board and standard video game buttons (and a small joystick) and has been our go-to for non-driving operations for the past few years. It lets us customize the controls for the specific functions we want from the robot.

Every Xbox controller we have used drifts horribly. While we could potentially callibrate for that, it does not seem to be consistent.

How did you set the rumble on the PS4 controllers? 6738 also uses PS4 controllers and hasn’t been able to get rumble working.