What do you use for onboard logging?

THere is a lot of data I should be utilizing more. Button Inputs, Voltages, Modes etc. However our team really doesn’t use anything other than the Smart Dashboard at the moment. I’m exploring bringing another java logging library on board, or coming up with something simple.

Was curious how other teams log data?

Why not try what’s built into WPILIb (as of last year)?

Other options listed here: Third-Party Telemetry Libraries — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation

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yeah i should. don’t love manually having to go retrieve it off the rio though

You can save the log file to a USB drive connected to the roboRIO too.

I struggle getting data into Excel which is my handiest data analysis program. If I log four values they are on four different rows. Arrays can help or hurt in different ways. I can’t mix arrays and single values as they have a different structure after exporting to a table.

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