What do you want for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Anything else?

It’s the holiday season, and since Kamen Clause is coming soon, we need to write him a list of what we want for FIRSTmas. So, people of CD, what do you want for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, FIRSTmas, or any other holiday in the vicinity?

Also, please don’t keep saying “2012 game”, or “game hint”. I also would prefer not to see “water game”. :\

I’ll start:

  1. New NXT sensors
  2. More RAM for my Macbook
  3. 1114 to come out with Kitbot on Steroids instructions
  4. Enough sleep before January 6th (FIRSTmas eve)
  5. Team meetings during the break

That’s all I want! Now it’s your turn!

EDIT: Oh yeah…and world peace and that stuff.

A nice low-power stereo microscope for SMD work.
A passive aircraft receiver kit from Ramsey.
A rotary table for my milling machine.
And some socks.

Please, Santa, just bring me 4-6 extra hours in my days during build season and a bottomless container of 1/4-20 bolts. If you can do this I will be more than pleased.

I want this though considering the stand weighs 63 pounds putting i t on my tempered glass desk sounds kinda risky to me.
Mainly what I want is to finally launch my webcomic though that’s more likely to happen during the build season.

One of these:

With some of these:

Another NXT kit. My current one has been held hostage to use for FLL presentations.

Bruins jersey and a new pair of swimming trunks for the kickoff in Manchester.

I want to be a better person in ways of wisdom, generosity, and insight. The gift that I would ask for would be friends to help me to continue to grow in these areas.

I also wouldn’t mind it if abandoned/lost pets who have ended up in shelters - found their forever families. If folks would keep them in mind during the holiday season and call their local shelters to see what the needs are in ways of supplies such as warm blankets, clean towels, food, or litter, that would mean a lot.

(The Texas fires this past autumn, specifically the Bastrop Complex fire, have shaped my wish list for me.)

May the season that is special to each of us bring joy and happiness,

A CNC router, unlimited MDF, and a whole lot of creativity.

A thought to stretch my mind… O.O

Maker Shed’s massive Arduino kit.

Since I’m not on a team any more, I’ll just be content with being able to go to our local kickoff. When I go back to school is weather-dependent, and my ride doesn’t know if we’re leaving on that Saturday or Sunday yet.