What do you want to see in a regional's web site?

I recall there being a thread asking teams what they wanted in a regional website in the past here on CD, but I can’t seem to find it. (I searched both the Regional Competitions section and the General Forum for about fifteen different terms, and found nothing going back to the 2005 build season.)

I’ve been approached to help out with the website of the Palmetto Regional. They’re also planning to expand the site’s FLL section, and add sections for FVC, Project Lead The Way, and the College of Engineering and Information Technology’s outreach programs. (Did you know that they’re in charge of the University’s annual Tiger Burn, held the night before the Clemson game? I didn’t until this year.)

So as the powers that be of FRC, FLL, or FVC teams, what do you like to see in a regional web site? Information on past events? Local information? Team Social information? Something else?

Additionally, what would be helpful to you as a local FRC, FLL, or FVC team? (Local might be the wrong term for it, as the site is aimed at the whole state, but when the University is three hours away from the furthest point in the state, we can get everyone together for the important parts.)

Entrance, parking, and food info.

consider including a link to NEMO www.firstnemo.org

if site will be up this month, consider including camps. Quite a few FLL camps going on in this area.

store locations and maps for parts and materials
examples:hardware stores, Home Depot

Drugstores and Emergency care might be helpful.

-Google maps of the location, so people don’t have to search around for the venue’s address then google from there to their house, Krispy Kreme, Starbucks, etc.
-Distinct FRC, FLL, FVC sites with standings, awards, and math lists.
-History of the regional
-Video via Google Video or YouTube that is a highlight reel of the past competition.

This is adding on to what other sites currently offer, like www.virginiafirst.org

Maps for getting there, maps for restaurants, maps for ‘near-by’ hotels. Plus all of the above, of course.

A link to the webcast, if there is one.

Lots of information about the site: interior maps, food service info (items and cost), etc.

Thanks for asking!

Maps to and from hotels, of different food choices nicer places to eat like Fridays or just the local McDonalds ], fun stuff to do in the area, and any local Home Depots, Lows, or hardware stores.

Info about where the regionals are being held, like maybe a link to a website about where its being held at. Maps of the regional site, with parking and any places with food close by.

The more information about all of the FIRST programs, the better. Past information about the FRC/FLL/FVC competitions, with the awards that were given out.

Really as much information as you can get about the events would be nice, and thats not going to over whelm you making it or people trying to find it.

I’d like to stress the “fun stuff in the area”. Gives teams a chance to plan ahead.

Found this in a couple minutes with general search for “regional website”. This is probably what you were thinking of, as it was a cross between a Poll and “what do you want to see on a reg website”.


The stuff I’d want to see is the stuff I wrote in the other thread - pretty much the stuff we put on our reg website. It must be easy to navigate and links must be titled such that it’s obvious what it contains. I would rather have a longer menu of obvious links than have to search for info (but that’s my opinion).

I’m not sure if you are talking about a state FLL competition, or something to do with FLL at Palmetto.

In any event, here’s Michigan’s FLL site: http://home.comcast.net/~mifll/ or www.michiganfll.org

It is updated throughout the season for regionals, and then has a lot of info for the state tournament. It includes a schedule for judging and competition rounds which is very helpful for coaches to have a week or so before the competition. (Unlike FRC, in FLL there is no competitive alliance advantage to having the information early.) It’s hard enough herding the little rugrats around; knowing what kind of time restraints you will be up against before coming is a big plus.

In addition, there are awards and results following the tournament.

Billfred -

I know you are working on website stuff but another resource that I have found to be extremely helpful is the ultra-handy, uber-compact paper copy. Ask Amy Prib about this if you want more information or examples. What I am referring to are the miniature (think 3"x5") sized booklets that were handed out at the Boilermaker Regional this year that contained campus maps, a brief overview of the game, tour information and times, sponsors, team social information, etc. Basically, a vast majority of the information that you provide on the website can now be found instantly at the venue itself without the need of a computer or internet axcess (crazy, I know :wink: )

What I noticed at the WI regional was that many people came to watch and had a great time seeing the robot action, but few actually knew what was going on or how the scoring system works. I highly recommend looking in to printing up some sort of durable, pocket-sized document if not for the visitors, at least for the team leaders and event staff.

Thanks Elise.

Yes, the 4x6 booklet was a result of less than perfect communication before and during the event itself in our first year. So, in the 2nd year, I wanted to make sure that everyone (rpc, teams, spectators, volunteers, joe schmoe) was on the same page and knew what was happening when. I believe we printed enough to give about 2/3 of estimated attendants (we had head counts from our social registration). We found that people would ask various people questions, and we would have to track others down to get an answer. For the most part, this resolved it.

The website is definitely a must-have, but we found the booklet to be useful as well. Many people don’t view the website prior to the event, and sometimes team leaders may not distribute “update emails” to an entire team. It’s esp beneficial to “walk-in” spectators or family/friends.

Our booklet contained much of what was on our website, including:
FIRST background, public agenda, game description, team participant listing, location, maps of campus and city, surrounding area restaurant/hotel reference, logistics for unloading/loading and parking, general info (restrooms, wireless internet, lost/found, volunteers, machine shop, etc), pic of event layout (pits, field, seating, concessions, etc), concessions menu, scholarships being offered, “enrichment” activities (campus and building tours, college/company fair info, etc), Educator’s Program info, Lego League demo info, Team Social, Special Award info (we give out “best play”, etc), Judge Bios, Planning Comm Bios, blank page for notes, and a “suggestion form” page. Some people didn’t want to tear the page out of their book to drop in the comment box. The back cover had our sponsor listing on it. The whole thing was only 28pgs (front/back).

If anyone wants to see mine as a template for their regional, just PM me.

Links to local media stories published. Means someone has to be updating.

A venue map that includes the pit layout.

Regional history. As simple as who won what award each year would be adequate, but more would be alot cooler.

The elimination “ladder”

List of all volunteers (including speakers, judges, etc.)

TONS of pictures/video/other media (hey, why not get audio of speeches?)

Always within history is trivia - some trivia would be fun and may also help rookie teams - things like
tee shirts
team colors
names of the teams in the regionals (that would link up with history)
the evolution of FIRST logos -

give and show an example of a good pit setup with some easily accessed and affordable materials used.
give and show an example of a crate and materials used
provide the safety information during build, Regionals, the Championship
show an example of the proper method of downing a dozen KK’s. :slight_smile:

i would like to see a website in general for NJ.

ORGANIZED PICTURES!! :slight_smile:

Well, I took all of it in and tried to hash out a good outline for the site. (In the end, we decided to make the PalmettoFIRST site a sub-site of the COEIT Outreach site, as opposed to the other way around. Makes more sense to me.)

Here’s what I have thus far:

$@# $@# $@# PalmettoFIRST

$@# $@# $@# $@# $@# $@# JFLL
				(still in development)

$@# $@# $@# $@# $@# $@# FLL

				About FLL

				Starting a team

				South Carolina teams

				Regional Tournaments




					Teams coming to the events

				The State Tournament



					Teams coming to the event


					Local Places Of Note (Lowe's, grocery store, Wal-Mart, etc.)

					Detailed Site Info (where toolboxes go in, where people go in)



$@# $@# $@# $@# $@# $@# FVC

				About FVC

				Starting a team

				South Carolina teams

				FVC Orangeburg (any other FVC events get their own section)



					Teams coming to the event


					Local Places Of Note (Lowe's, grocery store, Wal-Mart, etc.)

					Detailed Site Info (where toolboxes go in, where people go in)



$@# $@# $@# $@# $@# $@# FRC

				About FRC

				Starting a team

				South Carolina teams

				Palmetto Regional


					Teams coming to the event


						Local Places Of Note (Lowe's, grocery store, Wal-Mart, etc.)
						Detailed Site Info (where toolboxes go in, where people go in)


Ideas? Thoughts? Comments? Showers of praise?

Under detailed site info, include parking details, including where folks with trailer can park.

I praise the 2006 Palmetto site for the driving directions - some humor, but ultimately accurate ‘I live here’ directions. I don’t need MapQuest to find Columbia, and the rest was off the web site.

Include locations for spare parts (e.g., Radio Shack - down Greenway to 5 corners…)

Genia’s idea for team-friendly fun spots (& restaurants) is good.

Venue rules as you know them - for example, if banners were prohibited above the mezzanine, no coolers, etc.

[PRAISE]Good job, that outline is fairly complete.[/PRAISE] (shower: off)