What do you want to see in the FIRST Store?

Hello Everyone…

We are the LOGOLOC Team official supplier of FIRST merchandise. We’re interested in getting some new ideas for the FIRST web store. It’s important to us to get a better understanding of what you really want.

We have 6 new product launches going out over the next 4 weeks including new logo apparel, team apparel, game shirts & trading items. The first launch will be sometime next week.

We have had several teams inquire about trading cards. They want to put their Robot on the front of the card and team info on the back. We will have this available to you in a couple of weeks if anyone else is interested.

Thanks in advance for any insight you may be able to provide…

The web site is www.logoloc.com/first

How about:

Videos/DVDs of matches from the recent weekend’s tournaments. No production necessary, just compile the matches, cut out the fluff, and get 'em out asap. SOAP on steroids.

A calendar - not something lame, something cool, like the car or motorcycle calendars you see around Christmastime. Professional photos of FIRST robots in action. The 2002 Beast tipping over at the start of a match. 2003 Team 25 gettin’ some air. Las Guerillas jousting with some other tall robot in the finals of some event. An over the shoulder shot of Raul running a match. Sparks from a F-P motor while is it being abused. Carpet dust, and grease, and aluminum shavings, and shiny metal boxes, and… sorry :slight_smile: You know what I mean. $10 a copy, they’d sell out.

Hats. Cool ones.

Okay, back to work, we got some weight to lose…

I’ve always found that most FIRST merchandise was stuff that a generally fashion conscious person wouldn’t wear outside of a competition. Last year’s products which were on sale at the Georgia Dome were a huge improvement over the past.

Things I’d like to see, that fit well with the latest fashion trends

  • Polos: Striped and Non Striped. If the shirts were designed like Lacoste shirt or one of these from AE, except with a small FIRST logo in place of the company logo, I think you’d have a big hit. Vibrant colors are good this year.

  • Hoodies are always great, especially for us folks who live in colder areas.

  • I know the fad is slowly dying, but the mesh back trucker hats are still a personal favourite of mine.

I could sit here all day and give detailed descriptions of what I’d like to see (I’m a bit of a clothes-a-holic), but I leave it like this for now.

Thanks for taking the time to solicit input from the ChiefDelphi community.

As stated previously, polo’s and hoodies would be cool. :smiley:

I would really like to see a jacket similar to these styles:

Classic Jacket from Old Navy

Mechanic’s Jacket from Old Navy

Similar to what Karthik said, a hoodie sweatshirt like this but with the FIRST logo on it (and perhaps offered in both dark and light colored versions?).

I like this shirt, could you offer a long sleeve version as well?

Oh, 1 more idea, how about a mousepad?

Great job LOGOLOC, the store is great. Like Karthik said, thanks for asking our input, it means a lot.

Bomber Jackets

Turtle Necks (I know there are Mock Necks)

Money Clips/Wallets

Many more Window Decals and many more sizes for them

Also, the “Continue Shopping” Button in the Shopping Cart doesn’t work.

Either you guys didn’t look real hard, or they responded really fast.
FIRST Polo Shirts

I like shirt breast pockets. Invaluable when I’m running around at a competition.
DVDs-Awesome idea.
Non white bucket hat-working in the pit and white do not mix.
116 made trading cards for 2004 and they were popular items at regionals.
Dimensions on the pod backpack. Can that hold a frisbee?
I want one of the fleece vests.
Items for sale at regionals? Return to Atlanta.


Ah yes, but not all polo shirts are created equally.

I saw those both on the website and in person. The style and cut of those isn’t very similar to the Lacoste or AE shirts I was describing. The current FIRST polos you linked have a much more drab & boring feel to them. Not something I would want to wear.

I’ve always wondered if there was a FIRST store.

Window & Bumper stickers. Maybe FIRST safety glasses/full face shields, etc…
And I second the Trading Card/ Calender idea – maybe those one page per day calenders, where you rip off one page every day, each page has stuff about a team.

As far as women’s clothing goes…

Fitted zip-up hoodies (like this) and semi-collared ones (like this) would be fantastic with a FIRST logo on the top of the left front panel. Even plain, stretch tank tops could be nice with some FIRST representation on them (like these).

I would also have to agree with Karthik… vibrant colours are definitely in this year.

In my searching through LOGOLOC, I didn’t come across any bags… do you think a laptop-sized sidebag could be useful? :slight_smile:

I would like to see a frisbee. they are always great fun in between matches and always seem to be a hot item at competitions. another thing i think would be great is a coffee mug for those late night fixes and possibly even a quality tool box. some how ours dont seem to last for more than a year or two.

FIRST saftey glasses, as if I don’t have enough safty glasses. Maybe with a logo that would be cool, that way people would actually want to wear their saftey glasses. . . Ummm maybe

I want bags also, bookbags, tote bags and laptop bags any of those would be great.
Also fitted hats would be really nice.

Flexfit hats! I do not really like a velcro strap in the back of the hat…very annoying for someone used to a fitted hat…

I love my hats, but i don’t love any plastic adjustable tabs or velcro straps…

I’d like to see a Nalgene-like bottle, those are always fun. Also, pajama pants, and silicone Livestrong-like bracelets.

Here are some things I’ve looked for, but never found…

-Plain FIRST logo hoodies, shirts, etc. Just a big FIRST logo, nothing fancy.
-FIRST Logo watterbottle (blue top, white body, just the logo)

Bandaids with the FIRST logo on them! A must have for every teams first aid kit. :wink:

Another alternative to hookies would be “workshirts”, they are like sweathsirts but have a pocket on front w/ a demin collar. They are nice for us people in colder regions. See: http://galls.com/style.html?assort=general_catalog&style=SW108&cat=130

So why are all the ladies shirts in pastels are white? Bright colors are nice but many girls love black, grey, and dark colors like the men’s shirts and wouldn’t be caught in pastel.

How about shirts with robotic quips?

Any jewelry in the line?