What do you YOU use your bins for?

i did a quicksearch, and didn’t come up with anything… surprised this thread didn’t come up before… if it did then you can smack me :wink:

What do you use your bins for?

Our team actually didn’t start using them for storage until we got to the regional. We kept them stacked with their lids off in the corner of the robotics room, taking them out and assembling them into tables/chairs every time parents brought food. needless to say our bins got rather moldy from residual sauce/food that got into them and cracked from people sitting on them. we cleaned them out before the regional, of course :wink:

oh, and we tested our bot with them, but thats secondary :wink:

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**What do you use your bins for?

Student Armin, who filled the auto shop by emptying a fire extinguisher one year, sat in the bin to slide down our full-sized in house ramp.

Armin holding GP award to give away to 64 at LA Regional

Well, besides the obvious storage and chair function, our bins dont really do all that much.

We actually had one idea though…after Sacramento regional my teammates took tons of the broken bins with the idea of making a FIRST shrine to place either in our school or in our pit at SVR, but the idea kinda got killed when our moderator ordered us to throw away all the bins that had gaping holes (almost all of them).

Oh, and i discovered today that a stack of 3 makes a good podium.

Oh, and at SVR we used a stack of 2 as a kiosk-type thing where we kept a pile of handouts that noone took =(

X-Cat Storage…
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At the SoCal regional, wearing bins became “high fashion”.

Tubby-garb was in vogue for the head referee, some volunteers and even Dave Lavery.



Rumor has it that there will be a “tubby fashion show” before the team social in Houston…

we use our boxes to carry our batteries and to throw at people that we dont like

Fill them with concrete and tell an unknowing freshman to demonstarte knocking them down…at least that was a plan.

we try to stuff a person in one, but we use two and carry them into the middle of hallways, then just toss them.

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**X-Cat Storage…
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handle them carefuliy. X-Cats are very sensetive.


:stuck_out_tongue: See you Thursday, John.

Flip em over and they make great stackable chairs in the pits… Great for working on laptops or just giving your legs a break!

The one i got from competition with the first logo on it is being signed by everyone on my team and says “2003 Midwest Regional Chairmans Award Winner” on it with sharpie…its going to become a decoration in my room!

We made a motorized cart out of our bins!!! woo hooo
now if only i could find a pic.:yikes:

and of course storage… they are storage bins…hehe

your cart was definately the coolest use for a bin i have seen yet!

Our mascot fits in a bin, so thats what we use one of the bins for :smiley:
The rest are either for storing tools, software or used as pillows :o

i am packing my clothes for nationals in my bin. it can hold everything i need!!!

We’ve used the bins as a giant podium. Two stacks of two, and then we placed our 'bot on top of it. (The next day was a teacher workday and our school-employed sponsor wasn’t always the happiest camper when she came in the mornings and found metal filings and such on the ground.) We wanted her to see what we’d done.

we store our freshman in our bins!

to build a home away from home… if only I could run an extension cord to the bin igloo…

At the Canadian Regional 3 bins made up the podium that all the speakers used…

I have 2 bins on the other side of my room filled up with newspapers…

We stuffed babies and small children in them. Err…uhh…err. runs away Warning labels are tossed to the wind. HA!

Err…well, actually…they’re still sitting in our shop.

At Rutgers, I went dumpster diving and found a bin with FIRST stickers in place. I now have parts of an official bin. (Rather than lugging the entire bin onto the bus, I cut off the side of the bin with the sticker and took it :D)