what does it take to start a qualifier

Could anyone tell me how we would go about having our FRC team host a FLL qualifying event? we have more than enough space to hold an event, we just need to know who to contact, what channels to go through and about how much it cost

Google for “New Hampshire FIRST Lego League” brings up this site: http://www.eis.na.baesystems.com/lego/index.htm

There is a webmaster link at the bottom of the page, or go to the State Tournament page and there are 3 contacts listed. I’m sure any of them could direct you.

Then you just have to go find a couple dozen judges and referees, a couple dozen more volunteers, and study what other tournaments have done to make it an enjoyable experience for teams and spectators.

when we first started the state lego tournament in florida, we asked for qualifying tournaments to be able to host a minimum of 15-20 teams to be considered. asking your state tournament director will help you in coordinating what their needs and requirements are. if i can be of help (been working with lego since 99) just let me know

thanks, everyone, but after talking it over with our team, we may have the space but we dont have the time or the man power