What does “mentor-built” mean to your team?

I know our team and many others have had discussions about this, as I’m sure many of you have as well. But in your terms, what does “mentor-built” mean? For my team, it means a team where the mentors do the majority of the work on the robot and then give it to the students to drive. I’ve seen this in years past with certain examples such as a custom two-speed drive train (way too advanced for any student) and in the pits when it’s the mentors standing around the bot, making the modifications and repairs themselves. This is a stark contrast from our team, where everything is student-driven. We have mentors, but they’re mainly there to unlock the shop and give helpful tips. They don’t touch the robot, controls, or code. We believe that it’s in the spirit of FIRST to have the robot be entirely student built, with the mentors there for guidance. What do you guys think about “mentor-built” teams?

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Its too soon to beat this abused horse again.


Can we not? There are a lot of threads about this and it’s just unproductive.


I’m not sure if the students should be insulted that you insinuated they could never have had a hand in designing a shifting gearbox, or honored that they accomplished an achievement you consider too lofty.
Either way, be careful making assumptions about how other teams operate unless you’ve been with them every step of the way.


Student-researched, designed, sourced, machined, built, and programmed. It’s a project I didn’t even want them to do…

I think you’ve got far too low an opinion of what students are capable of.


How much cumulative time do we think people have spent discussing, re-discussing and re-re-discussing this topic on CD? Sigh. The dead horse has been pulverized, disintegrated and dust been blown away by the wind.


Had me on the floor, lmao.


This is what it means to me.


Reasons why i want neg rep back: This post

The your team part of this question is pretty funny because this is definitely an individual thought.

Reasons why i want neg rep back: This post


Closing this thread – the 2nd post linked to an existing discussion.