What does your base look like?

Ive seen this in some threads but not a topic or a poll about it so here it goes.

What does your base look like? Is it Wide, Long, or a Square? This is a question one of my friends had from the Raiders who are building a ramp bot this year. If you could, it would be helpful if you posted maybe a picture of your base and or something like that.



Kind of hard to find… but: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=51632&highlight=long+wide+will+your+robot+be

We’ve usually found that the biggest footprint works best.

For us at least…

Aces High 176 Base

First 046 (Small).jpg

First 046 (Small).jpg

our frame is pretty interesting this year. its kind of a square… well imagine an 18x18 square, with 4 wheel wells coming out of it. use lexan to round the thing up and we are basically a circle. heres a link to some picutures of the robot (and its frame) as of today: - this one lets you see the square thing i was tlaking about - this one shows the frame with the lexan support structure. imagine the octogon is rounded with lexan on the outside.

and yes, that is omni drive :smiley:

at the risk of being inaccurate, I’d say that we have a “normal” drive. longer than it is wide, 4 wheel drive, decent ground clearance.

All your base are belong to us.

…but we are using the kit chassis 27" by 37" and a tubular aluminum frame that reaches 13" from the floor on 8" diameter pneumatic tires.

I’m glad that more than 75% of teams (so far) are building their chassis the long way. That’s the way we designed our ramp was to accommodate 2 long robots. :smiley:

Max dimensions and 6 wheel drive this year.

We just got it done today, and i can tell you that…
Its not a square :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing fancy, just the usual 27" x 37"