What does Your Driver Station Look like?

I was looking to update our driver station and was wondering what everyone else is using.
Currently we are using a 17" laptop and an external monitor for vision. What does yours look like?

What material?

How long?

How tall?

External monitor?

Controllers/ Joysticks?

Extra buttons?

Last I checked, it looked like a small laptop (with Velcro™ on the bottom) and a game pad.

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the coolest drive station we had was an 8020 rectangle with plexiglass on the top, a monitor mounted on the base, a laptop Velcroed™ to the base, and a long pole with my GoPro at the top tethered to the monitor.

Slap some LED lights on it and It’s a banger

When the driver uses an xbox or other handheld controller, a lot like @MrForbes’ above.
3946 also has a wooden unit, about 30" long and 12" deep that attaches to the hook and loop below. Joysticks mount at either end (more hook and loop?), with a riser of about 4" in the middle with another set of hook and loop to secure the bottom of the laptop.

We used to use a heavy wooden one and switched to this last year. Its made from 1in and 3/4in box tube welded together with a piano hinge and 1/4in Lexan on top. Yes it does have LED’s (Team number lights up in back cut out of diamond plate).

The sides fold up in order to allow you to hold it by the ‘legs’ of the joystick platforms.

Don’t you mean hook and loop tape? haha

We use Velcro™ brand hook and loop tape. You can use whatever brand you prefer.

Our 2018 driver station was fairly tame, but I think we may be dusting off the 2016 driver station this season.

We elevated our laptop using a DJ laptop stand to get the display closer to drivers’ eye level.