What does your OI Look Like

I was wondering what other teams OI’s look like.

This year we made one that we will use year after year and just replace with new controls. We made it out of extruded Al from 80/20, it folds up, has wheels, and yes we are lazy.


I’m assuming you are speaking of the control console.
I’ll see if I can find a picture around to digitize it.

we used a plastic shelf so whenever we need a driver station we can just pop it right on one of the other shelves we have around the shop

Just a cautionary note to the OP: Under the current rules, specifically <R13>, last sentence, you can only use the OI console this year if it was made during this build season. There is nothing that would indicate a change next year.

Couldn’t find a pic, but our oc is basically the top portion of 2207

Good thing we made it this year as I missed that rule. I guess we will have to see next year.

A piece of polycarb with the OI mounted and a handle is what is currently in the crate (along with a box of joysticks). The idea was to have a central hub with the OI and then allow each driver to relocate his or her sticks to the ideal location (w/ velcro on the sticks so they stick to the shelf) before every match. What we’ll actually be doing is bringing an unmodified blue skimboard (we’ll probably get some funny looks with that COTS item considering the time and location of our first event), cutting it in half at the event, and mounting the joysticks for each driver to one half of the board in whatever positioning that driver prefers. Those boards and the OI panel will get stuck to the shelf with velcro. We went this route because we hate really wide control panels (such a pain to carry around), and smaller panels get cramped really fast. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pics because we made the “hub” the night of ship, and the skimboard has obviously not been added.

My OI finally finished.jpg

I’m so proud! Except for the radio part, but we’ll fix that on Thursday at Silicon Valley along with the programming and hardware issues… The OI is remarkably convenient for propping upright and leaning on it. It’s built far too sturdy. :smiley:

My OI finally finished.jpg

My OI finally finished.jpg

I made this years by taking a piece of plywood about 40" wide, painting it black, and then putting a piece of diamond plate aluminum on top. I then cut pieces of 20/20 extrusions for standoffs, put in the joysticks, OI, Radio, and switches, and the put some lexan/polycarb on top of the 20/20 standoffs. I’ll post pics as soon as I have them.

Mika: can you reach the “Robot Reset” button?

The entire bottom polycarb plate slides out. The frame was built in two pieces, sandwiching the lower sheet of polycarb which protects the whole back of the OI. Right now in the picture (and in the crate) the white plastic covering the bottom sheet hasn’t been taken off yet. If all else fails, the chip is simply bolted to the top polycarb plate, so the chip can come off, too.