What does your robot do?

I was woundering what kind of stats your robot has. How high can it reach, how many tetras can you stack at a single time, how many can you stack on the main goal, what are you doing durring auto…, so on and so forth. lets hear what you got!!! :cool:

Ours is going for a aimple A-Frame arm that will be able to cap about 5-7 tetras on the goals other than the center. We are definitly not expecting the tetra stacking to reach much higher. We’re also using pneumatics for the entire arm. We have a claw that grabs onto the tetra from the top. :cool: What about you?

well if we can get the arm on and not be over weght it will reach 9ft tall and can lift 1 tetra at a time.as of now our programmer is being lazy and we dont have an atonimus mode :frowning: and thats about it :]

Come to Boilermaker, West Michigan, or Nationals to find out.

Team #64 had a great time at the Duel in the Desert on Saturday. We were able to stack 10 tetras (the 11th tetra knocked the goal over.) We are using 6 wheel drive and a fork lift type lifting device.


our robot can pick up tetras from the automatic loading stations or the human players and store them on top of it then…has an arm like a catapult and lifts them onto the goals, not sure if it can reach the center goal though.

MOE 365’s robot this year can… drive around, I bet you thought I was going to tell ya huh, but I didnt. guess you will have to wait to see us at Pittsburg, or if we release a robot pic. :slight_smile:

Gee Kyle- drive around? How long?

Hmm- we’ll see about that…

Heh heh heh;;;;; :wink:

( Evil Rises again…)


Oh god, the memories of being brutally beaten on by the raider robotix team at PARC in 2003 only to tie with a score of 9-9. I really wish my new team was closer to you guys, but I will have to just wait and see how you both make out.

Oh yeah, and they won’t even tell me (an alumni) what they’re doing this year. I’m waiting as patiently as I can Clicks the refresh page on the moe website. Good luck in competition guys, hope we meet at nationals.

It drives fast and shoves hard and it looks really good while doing anything. Oh yeah, and it has a non-backdrivable arm that can cap the 6th tetra on the center goal.

EDIT: And as for brutal beatings, you ain’t seen nothin yet. Free to anyone who dares come close. :smiley:

Well we cap consistently in 10-20 seconds from the auto loader to the center goal, but with 5 other robots around, it will be a different story. We pretty much gave up with autonomous, since we didn’t leave enough time to figure out the camera system. Too bad though, we have it all mounted along with a gyro and gear tooth counters. Maybe we’ll figure something out the Thurs before competition.

We’re working a very similar load-out with an arm that can stack 4-6 tetras on the side goal, actuated by pneumatics. It has an incredible karate chop if you get anything under the arm as it comes down though, we smashed up one tetra in an incredible fashion last night during final testing. We have a camera mounted, but didn’t build a vision tetra and didn’t have time to test auton code very well, so we figure thursday at VCU regional will be all about getting the autonomous right.