What does your team name your batteries?

what do yall name your batteries? do you have a theme or do you just go by numbers?

also, we’re looking for new battery names for our 2023 batteries (suggestions appreciated!!)

our current battery names (from 2022):

In 2022 the theme seemed to be mentor last names. The theme is usually some inside joke or something the kids come up with organically. We’ve done TV show references in the past as well, Spongebob themed one year was a highlight!

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plays on former captain names.
I’ll find some examples.

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nice! we have minibots named after some previous captains!

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On my last team we used alumni names/nicknames. Made it easier to remember the names (versus numbers/colors), alumni seem to enjoy still being part of the team as well.


2023 Battery 1
2023 Battery 2
2023 Battery 3
2023 Battery 4
2023 Battery 5
2023 Battery 6

…We are a very creative bunch.


“Number 3 is the best 4 is the worst”


1293 policy is “you assemble it, you name it”. Which has led to names ranging from Turbo to Austinator to Appala to Been There, Done That.

(Batteries also get a consistent date and letter code on the side for our sanity.)

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I discharged Yoda last evening.

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We have been naming them after Simpsons characters for about 15 years. Students draw the character on the battery when we get new ones and name them.


WWII Battleships. Easy to remember, and we get to learn a little history on the side.

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haha, i’ll have to check out the battleship batteries next time we see yall at comp!!

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We are also boring.
year + #

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Same however we will skip a random number. This can some times result in people asking us “What happened to battery X, is it in the robot?” and then the kids get to have some fun with whatever story they want to make up ranging from it blowing up, to being stolen, to “Oh we don’t talk about that” as they look away mournfully. Followed by something like “oh just kidding a rookie misnumbered them and we didn’t bother correcting it”

Sometimes you have to entertain yourselves.


For us, generally speaking, each graduating lead in the Systems subgroup gets to name one battery (or have it be named by the underclassmen in their honor). These were all actual batteries at some point.

  • 150 (aka “Numbers” - it got tiring saying “150 is at 115%”, still in use)
  • $wagmoney (retiring soon)
  • Alexa
  • But why tho (retired midway through a comp)
but why tho?

Another robot hit it (despite being below the bumpers and frame) and it dented really deep :sob:

  • Capririsun 2.0 (I’m not sure what happened to Capririsun 1.0, but 2.0 is still in use)
  • Dolphine (still in use)
  • GLaDOS
  • Gonzo
  • Hook (retiring soon)
  • Kirk
  • Kwolek (still in use)
  • LAUV (yes, all caps)
  • Lechuga (still in use)
  • Nemo
  • Ninja Sean (retiring soon)
  • Noah (retiring soon)
  • Picard
  • Pingu
  • Rambo
  • Siri
  • Spidey
  • Stranded (What do you call a wire that’s stuck on an island? Stranded!, still in use)
  • The Doranman
  • The Johnstonator
  • Thor
  • Tokyo Drift (still in use)
  • Wheatly
  • Woody (retiring soon)
  • Yeetrin

We’re planning on ordering a few more batteries soon. The VP and lead from last year have yet to get a battery, so this will be fun!

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  • Duck
  • Goose
  • W.I.S (Women in stem)
  • garbanzo
  • A. L. E. X :slight_smile: (team captain)
  • Charlie (former team captain
  • Trash Cup
  • Duck 2.0
  • T. O. B. (the other battery)
  • Chip
  • Dale

Nobody has “Dead” and “Only Mostly Dead”?


“Microwave” used to be “Put me in the microwave” after it went “bad” at a comp

fun fact the battery was not the problem

We did have one battery labeled “Feelings Have Been Hurt” for a while before we started testing with the CBA.

We name ours with science and math puns. For Example, “It Hz so much!”, “Ampatetic”, “NaCl + (Pb +HSO4)” (A salt and battery)