What drive system is your team using?

What drive system is your team planning to use this year?

Standard 4WD tank style driving w/ AndyMark KOP wheels. Keeping it simple this year.

4 BaneBots transmissions will be used - one for each wheel, with a 1.6:1 geardown from shaft to wheels (with chain), giving us a total geardown of 13.6:1. Our bot will be primarily offense so we will need speed and manuverability.

We’re going with a kit frame-based 6WD, using KOP AndyMark wheels and AndyMark Shifters, Gen 2.

(And a few other things too–but we’ll save those for the teasers.)

4 wheel omnis :smiley:

6 wheel IFI traction wheels 6" x 1"
Banebot transmission with two CIM per side
Expected 10 feet/sec with roller chain reduction:)

Tank style ,8 IFI Traction Wheels, two speed Andy Mark transmissions, all driven by chain.:cool:

As a head’s up, a 1.6:1 reduction from the Banebots 12:1 reduction results in an overall ratio of 19.2:1. I’m not sure if you made a typo or if you calculated your final ratio incorrectly, but you should be prepared for the robot to move a bit slower than you may have anticipated.

19.2:1 is what I meant, I typed it wrong…lack of sleep is killing me.

We’re using 4 banebots transmisions turning six KOP andy mark wheels. we decided to gear up the transmissions up to about 8 ft per second.

Mecanum Wheels. 4 wheels each independently driven, so far we’ve been able to get it to strafe directly to the right and left. as well as normal foward reverse and turning. and these wheels get suprisingly good grip.

Team 1522 (DOTM) 2nd Year Member

We’re going with six wheel drive with a custom frame. We’re using colson wheels and Andymark 2 speed transmissions. We should be pretty beefy and fast at the same time.

2 8" X 2" IFI tractions (with our own special touch)
2 andymark molded plastic omis
4 12:1 BB transmissions
4 cims

Our final ratio is going to be a 24 to 1 so we have that ever important defensive edge. We will probably have one “drive assembly” at each corner where there will be a small sproket and chain system.

best of luck

2 Banebots, chained 4WD, some odd wheels that I saw at IRI and the Ford First event at Macomb ccc.

We’re goin’ crabstyle this year… from what I’ve seen in the Inventor mockup. IFI Traction wheels. 8020 Frame… maybe I’ll have some teasers up after next Tuesday’s meeting.

195 is using 6WD with andymark performance wheels (6"x1"), a custom frame and our own designed 2speed transmissions from last year.

were thinkin about using wheels

The CyberKnights without their BrecoFlex tank treads? What is the world coming to?

Team 2167 is exited to create a “homebrew” drive system… nothing ever atempted before. Yah… we are leaders in inovation fo-shure! Now… just if it works…

Well a last minute decission and some extra sponsorships have allowed us to go crazy this year and order 6 IFI tractions wheels.:smiley:

Depending on how precise you were with the wording of your post, this could very well be illegal.