What drivetrains are teams using in 2019?


Hey all! Any ideas for drivetrains this year? Our team is thinking using H-Drive for lateral movement. (mechanum is too expensive for us, but also seems like a worthwhile option). I feel aligning to the targets is difficult and lateral movement can really be beneficial. Seems essentially defenseless against defense bots… any more ideas?


We’re planning on pneumatic tires, similar to 2016, since we’re planning on dropping down from the 6" platform


6" should be fine for just about any wheel. In 2014, we fell from the top of the pyramid (>4’ drop) onto our HiGrip wheels in probably 1/4 of our matches - they lasted two full events before one of them cracked.


We are planning on using four inch wheels and mounting our electronics on rubber standoffs and then just using speed to get the robot off level 2 at the begging. Is this a bad idea?


for this, I’d recommend pneumatic tires to get you through that bump. I’ve also thought about this. has anybody considered some sort of strafing mechanism? or just us?


are you guys thinking of building a tall robot? something to consider with that idea is balance. make sure not to tip. I feel many teams are just gonna bounce off that level 2 platform, but it seems a little sketchy. make sure the bot is extremely robust


Anyone planning on using all omni or mecanum is just begging to be pushed while trying to place


Are there any rules against pushing or pinning just while attempting to place game pieces? Figured there would be, but couldn’t find any rules.


Not while placing, unless you’re shooting the cargo from the HAB.


Dang that’s unfortunate. So many people are talking down the effectiveness of defense this year, but I think because of this, defense will be a more viable strategy than in Thebes last few years.


4004 will be updating and bringing swerve onto Primus


Speaking for personal experience, if you go the H-Drive route, you’re going to want your center wheel on some kind of suspension (either actuated or constant pressure (like with a gas spring). Fixed H-Drive center wheels have the unfortunate effect of only getting ~1/5th of the traction and tend to not be very effective (especially when you consider most playing fields are not actually perfectly flat).

My team made this mistake in 2015. =/


I’m going to guess that any team that has done swerve before will do it again, especially with the increased weight limit. Probably 2910.

Swerve would still have traction against defense bots, and be more maneuverable than mechanum.


can you elaborate on this? we’ve never done suspension before. any examples?


Can someone explain what “swerve” is?


swerve is a drive system where each of your wheels are individually driven both in lateral motion as well as the ability to rotate, thus you gain the ability to move in any direction with also full power and traction. so think of a normal tank drive mixed with the motion of a mecanum drive. Our 2018 reveal video shows the motion well: https://youtu.be/lBZpilNQTtc


Butterfly or Octocanum might make an appearance this year.


What exactly is butterfly?


For the OP, and anyone else considering exotic drive trains for this year’s game:


Not unless you’ve had plenty of previous experience (preferably in this year’s off season, at the very least). Not unless it’s of real, tangible, significant advantage over a 6WD, enough that it will blow away all the drawbacks. H-Drive, Octocanum, Butterfly, Grasshopper, Mecanum, Crab, Swerve, Kiwi all have uses but are not worth experimenting with for the first time in a real game.

Just my 2¢.