What drivetrains are teams using in 2019?


Our team decided to use 8 wheels instead of 6 wheels because we thought it would provide more stability when coming off the second platform, and also for when we climb. Additionally, the gearbox position works out better for our other mechanisms.


No decisions have been made but I feel like the team is going to lean towards a 6WD drop.


The field this year is pretty constricted. Not much room for mecanum bots to maneuver to avoid defense. Mecanum would be a definite plus for quickly aligning for drop of cargo when not being pushed.


I have a much better chance with the KOP wheels than I do with mecanum, even if i do still move some amount.

You wont move with tank treads though…


Can you use swerve drive on the KOP chassis?


Not really, no. A team capable of creating, programming, testing, and driving a swerve is already capable enough that a custom drive base is assumed and a piece of cake.


You will not be able to turn well. The coefficient of friction on pneumatic wheels is among the highest of any used in FRC, and the “scrub” you will get will wreak havoc on your drive train and on your ability to play the game. This will be true with any 4wd system that does not utilize omni wheels at either the front or back corners.


Does using 6 wheels help minimize that friction and drive better then? Or is there a way to combine pneumatic and other wheels to achieve the same cushioning effect from jumping off level 2?


Tank treads sound like a nightmare tbh. I’ve always wanted to try them but, not worth the effort imo.


Go swank or go home imo:

You really don’t have a chance of being competitive unless you build this.


They can be. You dont move when hit from the side though.


Six wheels can solve this, if you use what’s called a “drop center”, meaning that the middle wheels are slightly lower down than the wheels on the ends. This makes turning a lot easier, while still allowing you to use the advantages of those pneumatic wheels. There are lots of examples of this throughout Chief Delphi, just do a quick search.


You can also do this drop center with 8 wheels. But don’t make the drop too much or your robot will be prone to tipping.


Swerve, baby, swerve! First year in competition. Worked on it over the summer, but still a bit nervous… nevertheless, the students opted to go for it, so go for it we shall.


This isn’t really true anymore with the rise of COTS swerve; we stuck AndyMark’s modules on the AM14U3 last season. After that, it’s mostly maintenance and tuning the software. Both are large parts, but neither of them take the mechanical/design resources that are required to do your own chassis. That said:

I realize this was 2 weeks ago and you’ve probably moved on, but that’s for the better. I would absolutely NOT try this in the middle of build season - especially if you’ve never even heard of it. My team stubbornly pushed for swerve last year despite not actually having it running before kickoff. It still served us well and we considered it a net positive on our bot (it allowed for some really fast cycles on the switches), but we sat dead in a couple matches due to problems we can prevent now but didn’t have the experience to then.


Most of those teams are probably giving lip service to defensive actions because they are praying the majority of teams will not have included them in their game strategy/tactics and leave their robot alone when it attemps to place game pieces and at the same time being very susceptible to being pushed around… ;0)


We are going 8-wheel tank drive with 4 slightly dropped center wheels.


I would warn you the turning on the robot with be very difficult my team did something similar and the turning was nearly impossible. For our cross scale we drifted around the corner blasting Tokyo Drift in the shop :joy: :joy:


Really competitive teams would isogrid that.


This season, we are doing a 6 wheel drop center with omni wheels in front and back, plaction wheels in the center. We are also equipping the bot with team 3200’s signature braking system that plants rubber pads into the ground just enough to lift the wheels off the ground when we are defending, making it very hard to move our bot once the brakes are planted. In 2017 we used this system with mecanum wheels to create a mecanum bot that could also play defense, which was a big shock to all the other alliances who tried to push us around.