What drivetrains are teams using in 2019?


We’re doing a 6-minicim 2+4 with autoshifting. To be honest, the shifters probably do not give us much advantage over a properly-geared single speed given the short sprint distances in this game, but we had the gearboxes already and our autoshifting code has been very thoroughly tested by now.


6 CIM tank


drop center AND omnis


I didnt know what I was saying when I wrote that. Omni wheels are only in the back, center wheel dropped with plaction wheels in middle and back. My bad.


6 wheel tank, dropped center


Mecanum to aid with tracking and quick alignment. We have two center wheels half an inch off the ground to help with getting on and off Level 1 Platform.


When you traction wheels break in you could possibly shift you weight away from your center wheels onto your omnis. If not completely some meaningful amount.

We are doing omnis on outside, traction on inside with a 1/16 drop. You can’t even notice the drop but just keeps us confident we are getting good traction.


We have gone with our first try at a west coast style 8 wheel drive.
We have had much success with using various tends and continue it this year.
There are wedge top and blue nitrile treads on 6 inch rims.
So far we are really happy with the stability and handling.

Competition will tell…


We are using the am14U4 drivetrain from andymark but we are thinking about converting to NEOs and different wheels such as Omni or Mecanum next year


We’re using mecanum for the first time, and basically just hoping that our elevator can be fast enough to negate being pushed.

We’re talking about using swerve next year, not sure of the pros/cons.




Rookie year you know we using the kit of parts train:sunglasses:


We (1983 Skunk Works) use an 8 wheel tank drive also because it provides a more stable surface while deploying level 2+ cargo and/or hatch panels. A 6 wheel drive would be prone to rock about the middle center wheels.


Team 2767 Strike Force is a great example at displaying swerve drive.


Team 5006 with swerve drive climbing to level 3:


I’ve never heard of grasshopper or kiwi. Isn’t crab basically just swerve or mecanum?


kiwi is 3 wheeled non articulating (not swerve) omni drive. Grasshopper sounds like a variation of butterfly drive.

We are running something special this year. Hopefully it gets some attention at comps. Still under wraps until the students want to present it.


Grasshopper is butterfly but only on one end of the robot. We used it + h drive in 2017 and 2014


any pictures of the drivetrain?


I love this drivetrain so much, haven’t read through the thread so I don’t know if there is one in here, but I would love to get this CAD file at the end of the season, or earlier if your team would release it earlier :slight_smile:


I don’t have any unfortunately and those robots are currently in our storage shed at the school, but I’ll look and see if I can find some