What drivetrains are teams using in 2019?


Honestly sounds a bit like Swag drivetrain to me


Crab drive predated swerve. Each module was linked to each other via a long chain, allowing all four wheels to rotate as a single unit. 118 used it in 2008, I believe. Sorry if that’s not a great technical explanation


Yeah a single gearbox powered all 4 wheel pods for their rotation.

This was back in the day of the famous V6 gearbox. Ahh the good old days. Everything was massive and powerful lol

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3l6Xqts4to < The V6


If your team is planning a narrowish frame, your robot won’t turn. Even a wide frame design will highly stress your motors and belts. Suggest you try 8 wheels the 4 in the center are slightly lowered to reduce scrub on the outer wheels.


We’re using swerve for this game.


8 NEO, 8:1 planetary gearbox, 4" Vex Omni Wheel, independent suspension drive pods:

We call it an Octo-Omni Drive


were using 6 wheel tank drive in the hopes that it will help while playing defense.


For teams that competed at Week 1 with non-pneumatic wheel drivetrains and frequently began matches at Level 2, how well did your drivetrains hold up?


We’re using 6 mini-cims with the vex ball-shifting gearbox on a 6 wheel tank drive, 4 traction wheels in the middle and back and 2 omni wheels up front. We also built our robot heavy and low. We have been very effective at pushing other bots for defense, and starting hab2 has not been an issue whatsoever.


Same here, same year.


No noticeable issues using 6x1 Vex Traction wheels. We started every match at HAB 2 IIRC.


I’ve seen pictures of many weird drivetrains, and I think I can say that this one is unique. How’s the pushing/traction?


This is awesome looking. I’m assuming that because your using Neo’s that it isn’t much heavier then a regular drivetrain either.

Very creative! We did something to our X-Drive this year to give it some pushing power and traction too! Good luck at your events!


My team is actually using a butterfly drive this year. The pneumatics actuate to give us either tank drive or mecanum. We figured that we want to be mobile while scoring game pieces and strong while playing defense.


6 Mini CIMs in a 7.31:1 3CIM4U, stock AM14U4 otherwise.

Build it fast, build it to be fast.


We were running a octocanum drive with AM Black traction wheels which held up just fine… our 4" VEX Pro mecanums didn’t fare so well. (The new ones with steel inside) We broke a roller off of our rear two wheels twice running off of level 2 in Sandstorm.

We might be looking to change to the AM HD 4" mecanums for our next event.


8 Neo drive motors, 0 turning motors - differential swerve drive, the Armabot version with some tweaks!

Anyone else fielding a differential swerve?


I have a lot of respect for anyone willing to run brand new motors on a differential swerve. Built-in encoders probably help. Good luck this year, I’m excited to hear how it goes!


We went with an 8" pneumatic tire 6WD. It makes coming off and on the HAB platform easier and we wanted a drive train that would be able to resist or play defense if needed.


Love the green wheels, are they different, other than color and dropped a bit?