What drivetrains are teams using in 2019?


The black and green are the same. We wanted to go all green but they only had 2 left when we ordered and still appear to be out of stock. You can find them here: https://www.mbs.com/parts

They work with the AndyMark 8" tire hubs. Because it’s the KOP drive frame the center wheel is dropped 1/8 of an inch.


We are using NEO’s and 4" omni’s because we were 15lbs over weight. With mini-cims and 6" omni, drive pods were about 5.5lbs a piece. Our chassis was about 20lbs. So total drive train weight is about 65lbs. Which is a little heavy. With Neo’s and 4" omni’s, it’s about 50lbs.


It’s better than our 8 mini-cim mecanum by about 20%. Plus with that many wheels on the ground if one wheel loses traction, we don’t loose complete traction like mecanum.


Do you have any video? We’ve been working on a differential swerve design during the off season and didn’t think we could get it ready in season.


We do;

This was from a few weeks ago, we used this for premier night.


That is awesome. Did you have problems tuning the PID? We found that to get speed, we had a very low gear ratio but that resulted in a super squirrelly behavior when swiveling. We couldn’t get it to now overshoot or undershoot. Are you using any velocity profiling/following on the swerve to get it to behave better? It looks super well tuned.

As far as I can tell you are the first to run differential swerve in competition. Congrats.

Good luck on your season.


Thanks for the kind words. The team has spent a LOT of time tuning. They tried a lot of different approaches and but it finally came together. Very proud of these students and what they can accomplish. We will be releasing the tweaks to the drive modules as well as the code for what we did as soon as we have time to document and publish. We started with our custom swerve code we developed over the last 3 years.

We are still working on the acceleration and deceleration curves. With 8 Neos and that much torque we have to slow it down a lot to keep from pulling those wheels off the ground.


Good luck at St. Louis and Smokey Mountains. I’ll be eagerly watching.


We used 8" AndyMark mecanum with 10.7:1 Toughbox mini gear box & NEO motors. Competitors during playoffs focused defense on us, but we were still able to score hatches & cargo, while our alliance captain team 346 loaded cargo & placed hatches at will. The mecanums gave us great mobility around the field & were great aligning up on targets. Team 1262 the Stags


Ran our first regional last week. Here is an example of some pushing going on. We can’t plow thru just anyone but we can hold our own against a typical KOP bot.

Here is the video: