What else do you do besides robotics?

Hey CD!

I know that for most of us on here (myself included), robotics is our life. But I still have some time for other things too. That made me wonder, what activities/hobbies do FIRSTers do, other than robotics?

For me, I play trumpet in marching band and am on the school’s cricket team. :smiley:


I volunteer at FRC events.
I volunteer at FLL events.
I mentor an FLL team.
I work at an FLL summer camp.
I obsessively refresh Chief Delphi.

wait…NOT robotics. Not much.

I’m on the cross country team and I was the captain of the volleyball team.

Woah woah woah, people do stuff BESIDES robotics? :ahh:

I take photos of stuff that isn’t robotics related. You can see some of my stuff on my flickr page below. I enjoy the hobby, but it is an expensive one once you get into it. I haven’t had much time to shoot since champs, but I’ll get back in the swing of things after school is over.

I’ve been trying my hand at videography recently, but I’ve only had time at events so all I’ve done is make highlight reels.

I sleep sometimes, but then I end up dreaming about robotics so I’m not sure if that counts…

I like this question. Its really intersting to see what other FIRSTers do.
I’m a cross country captain
I run track
I bake and can, and have gotten several ribbons at the Wisconsin state fair
Chemistry Olympiad, and Mathleates.

Robotics is love
Robotics is life

I’m confused…

Do you mean like taking a break for meals?
Do you consider browsing CD not robotics?
How about cleaning the workshop? Does that count?

I really just don’t understand what your getting at.

Internship at U of A Astronomy
Also, I have to go to school.

I run cross country, play baseball (both high school and travel), play the trumpet, and referee soccer games.

Other than that (related to robotics), refresh CD, Mentor FTC.

This thread made me kind of sad because I realized that I don’t do anything other than robotics…

-I play league of legends (It’s a horrible addiction, I know)

-I draw

-I check facebook, chief, and reddit.com/r/nosleep a lot

-I play guitar

-I try to go outside but fail because all my friends don’t want to go outside…(WHAT IS OUTSIDE EVEN?)

Stuff that isn’t robotics… sometimes I do my homework when there’s nothing for me to do at a meeting, does that count?
I kid. Competitive Irish dance, clarinet, and creative writing.

I’m on the Varsity soccer team, play percussion in band, and math team
But most of my time is devoted robotics, obviously

I’m lucky enough to live in the Pacific Northwest, so I climb quite a bit (rocks and mountains). Robotics never really stops, though - I brought my 1540 shirt to the top of Mt. Rainier last summer. That was a very cold picture to take.

When I’m not doing anything with robotics…I

-Make contacts world wide with my amateur (ham) radios (I wear a my robotics team shirt to almost every meeting of the ham club I am with)

-play the violin.

-read this thread.

and not much other than that, robotics and ham radio are pretty much my life.

Well, historically I’ve done a variety of things concurrently with robotics…
-I was an editor for two years at my school’s literary arts magazine, MUSE (though about 75% of the people on MUSE were robotics kids, so…)
-Play lots of Minecraft (mostly tech mods… robotics)

Probably 90% of my non-school life involves robotics, thinking about robotics, or talking with robotics people. It’s not a balanced life, but I wouldn’t have it any other way :slight_smile:

Wrestling, Boy Scouting, Ultimate Frisbee, Lifeguarding, singing.
What’s interesting is that during all of these things, I’m still thinking about robots.
Seriously, I’ll be singing, wrestling, and thinking about robotics simultaneously. It’s an interesting combination.

I like old things:
I am refurbishing my old house built in 1880. (been doing this for 17 years)
I am refurbishing my old Airstream camper built in 1973
I am refurbishing my old Ford built in 1957
I refurbish and use old lawn and garden equipment
I refurbish and customize old bicycles
I just got 2 old go carts that I plan to get running this summer.
In other words, I have too much stuff.

Besides robotics…

I play 2 school sports (lax and tennis) and play lacrosse all summer
am an avid runner
play piano and guitar
work at a retirement home and at a fro-yo place
participate in church activities (band/service/mission trips)
volunteer at the variety club
am part of a bunch of other less time-consuming clubs at school other than robotics
and am a student.

Yay for junior year.