What else do you do OUTSIDE of robotics?

Oh, yes.

Added: example: cooking: people gotta eat more than they need robots. And it turns out that, due to some strangeness of evolution, that it’s much easier to cook awesome food than to build awesome robots.


I usually play on chess.com, although some of my friends play at lichess.org. Those are the two online sites I’m most familiar with/would recommend, although I’m sure there’s more.*

Chess.com is nice in that there’s free lessons and the Elo matchmaking for games is pretty solid.

*there’s also chess.coolmath-games.com, but they don’t have an Elo system and the playerbase is really small.


I do Krav Maga, the Israeli system of self defense. I’ve been doing it for about seven years and have since taken on the role of junior instructor. I also do a lot of sewing and embroidering. I have a battle jacket that I’ve been working on for the past year, making patches for it and just all round decorating it. I also am an avid writer and have written many short stories, poems, and drabbles. I’m a part of my own band, The MKs. I sing, play guitar, and write songs. We’re getting to the point where we might be able to do some cover songs. Also, I really love medical stuff and will just go down the Wikipedia wormhole.

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Hey, me too. Are you ordeal, brotherhood, or vigil?


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There’s life other than robotics???

Roasting coffee beans and drinking espresso (my cost is $5 per pound of beans, and oh yeah it’s good!)

Brewing beer and clearing the way for the next batch! All grain recirculating setup on brew day. Conical fermenter for the next 2 to 4 weeks. Then kegging and into the kegerator. Presently have a Wee Heavy ale and an Imperial IPA on tap. An Imperial Belgian is a week away, in production!

Built an LED light bar setup to improve lighting on my computer for video calls (LED strip, LiPo battery, Bluetooth Arduino board, and some wiring). 3D printed mounting brackets so the assembly clicks onto my computer monitor!

Building a RF safety system to provide a safety over-ride for 4H tractor races. Still very much in work. R/C RF system commanding PWM into an FPGA. The FPGA (VHDL programmed) will interrupt the tractor seat switch circuit (via a relay board), as well as provide a visual indication of system status.

I farm crickets. They’re pretty tasty. Check out our cricket farming club on Instagram at @rndcricketclub . You know you want to learn more…


Me 4. I am currently ordeal because I haven’t been able to make it to a brotherhood ceremonies because of band and robotics so I can’t always make it to the ceremonies. I am also the chief of the anishnebech chapter of the agamining lodge in Michigan this year and that has been a fun time. (also I suck at spelling all of the names of things so yea)

Aged out and not currently active in the BSA for a variety of reasons, but Ordeal. I wasn’t all that active when I was in, either… time didn’t line up enough.

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Brotherhood member here from Totanhan Nakaha Lodge. Was in some chapter leadership, but left due to other commitments aka robotics.

I also enjoy losing to @Squirrel2412 in chess


I go to a very rigorous private school and do mostly advanced classes, so that eats up most of my time. My extracurriculars include downhill skiing, choir, piano, Girl Scouts, eucharistic ministering at church, quiz bowl, and poets’ society. During breaks, I like to do puzzles, build model rockets, and read.

Just took apart a dead hand drill, salvaged a working motor. Not sure what im going to do with it yet.

Looks to be around the size of a 775pro, definitely doesnt have the speed, and i can power it with 3 AA batteries. Currently using paper clips. I dont think we have alligator clips at home. Pressfit pinion will be a pain to take off but i did keep the planetary gears from the drill.


If you’re looking for more specs, then based on the length alone that looks like a 550 class motor, not a 775.

Out of curiosity, what killed the hand drill if the motor still works?

Not exactly sure, but somewheres along the lines of the charger to the battery.

Graduated about a year ago but throughout high school and more so now, I’m an outdoors guy. It’s always been downhill skiing, camping, hiking, and ATV riding. More recently, I’ve been fitting in backpacking and fishing. Also I’ve been growing in my faith and getting involved in bible studies.

Also see some boy scouts throughout this thread. I’m an Eagle Scout as well, and scouts was a major portion of my life (I was surprised to see the number of boy scouts in FIRST, and vice versa).

The three main things that my life revolve around right now: engineering, outdoors, and faith.


Did you keep the shell of the drill and the trigger control? If the trigger control is still working, it can be used to make a handy motor controller for prototyping. Here is one old post about doing this. This is another old post. This is a video showing how to do it.

Well I guess I should finally put reply to this.

I am have competed in sprint duathlons (2km run, 25or30km Depending on course, 7km run consecutively), half marathons and shorter road and trail races. Cross country and track leads this past year also. I have been curling for about ten years at this point as well.


exist? idk/s


I have lots of hobbies outside of robotics but my favourite is my yard displays.

I’ve been doing Halloween & Christmas Light displays in my front yard for 10 years now. Every year I add something new, the last few I’ve added custom controllers that will trigger scare props like the barrel pictured.

The barrel has a PIR & Pneumatic solenoid that will bang the lid against the drum when someone walks by.

Also pictured is the control wall in my basement that was under construction a few years ago.