What else do you do?

I was just wondering what else we do in our spare time, either during the off season or at the same time as FIRST.

For starters, I am heavily involved in my school’s band program (both marching, concert, and jazz), am a member of the chess team, play Ultimate Frisbee, and not enough time on schoolwork. :wink:

Well, let’s see.

For starters, I’m a DJ at WUSC-FM, the University’s student-run, no-Top-40 radio station. I’m on the air Mondays 10-Noon–you can hear it at http://wusc.sc.edu, if you’re so inclined. (It’s clean, I guarantee–the last thing anyone on campus needs is a quarter-million dollar fine from the FCC.) Or tune into 90.5 FM if you’re in the Columbia area (say, for Palmetto).

I’m also a resident of Preston Residential College on campus. I do the building web site, maintain the four-station computer lab, badger folks to join Preston’s SETI@home team, and put out newsletters and such. (Yes, I’m on the payroll.)

I’m also employed by the College of Engineering as the webmaster for the FIRST sites down there…but I guess that doesn’t count.

Oh, and I take 15 hours as a marketing major. Does that count for anything? :rolleyes:

i work on cars and my motorcycle project , i do martial arts and USY

Wait, you mean, there’s more out there than just FIRST? :smiley: For the rest of the year, I work on the Cal Poly Tournament of Roses Parade float. You all can watch it on TV on new years day!

Additionally, I like to tinker with machining, small engines, and other things like that.

I do a bunch of band stuff for our marching and concert bands, and then I spend alot of time outside of meetings working on stuff for robotics or just looking at random things slightly related to it.

Of course I do my homework for stuff and hang out with my friends, so I guess I have somewhat of a life outside robotics. I’ve spent alot of time on scholarship stuff recently since it’s my senior year as well.


On Tuesdays I have Yearbook, every Tuesday after school for an hour.

One Wednesday every month I have a meeting with other representatives from the other high schools over at the District Office for two hours. For which I’m Vice President of this committee.

Two Thursdays a month I have meetings for SkillsUSA, one officer meeting (I’m Vice President) and one general meeting, each for an hour.

Student Government (Senior Class President) is random once a month meetings for about 15 minutes.

When I’m not doing FIRST, I’m normally just online or on the phone normal teenage stuff :slight_smile:

When it’s not windy outside I bike. Wind is the only part of weather I dislike. If it’s -30C without wind I’m happy, if it’s -30C with wind… :frowning:

I waste a lot of time here…as in on the computer

I do homework…from time to time, need to be more consistent in that

I tinker with my radio controlled vehicles. My winter project is a 5 foot gas powered boat (too poor for lipo’s and 900$ brushless motors :yikes: )

At school at lunch I work on an an old jeep cj-5 with my friend. It’s his.

Oh yeah, I also eat.

Yearbook, Newspaper Editor, Girl Scouts, Robotics Club (i know- sweetness), a bunch of tutoring, a bunch of volunteering, and a bunch of school work, so much that I can’t see past it. I haven’t been out with friends since…July.


No matter what time of the year it is, I never get tired of playing and experimenting with Vex robots. :smiley:

In the winter, I love to go skiing several times per week. I have a season pass to Mount Southington in Connecticut, as it’s only 20 minutes from my house. Some of the other favorite ski resorts are Butternut Basin in Massachusetts, Loon Mountain in New Hampshire, and Vermont is a toss-up between Mount Snow or Killington.

In the summer, I like to bike along the paved linear/former railroad trails in the area, often riding 20-30 miles per day.

In addition to being the main webmaster for our team’s website, I also have been volunteered by my teacher for a few outside website development projects that I was paid for. I’m also the main webmaster for my school’s website.

Some of the other clubs I’m really involved with include the school Newspaper and the Yearbook.

I’m also involved with the Youth and Government club at my high school. Last year I ran for state-wide Governor and won the support of our political party, but I lost in the main elections by only a few points.

Once or twice a week I volunteer time with two local FLL teams.

If I’m bored and on the computer, I play around in Photoshop or Fireworks MX. If I’m not near a computer, I draw. I also love photography, both still and video. I also love developing websites, and creating cool features with PHP.

At my house, I’m currently working on an off-road tank robot with my father, made using 8020 frame, 4 CIMs, 2 AndyMark single-speed trannies, and snowmobile treads.

I’m also a member of the National Honor Society at my high school, and I’m ranked 9th in my class.

And if that isn’t enough, I also love to experiment and build innovative or interesting things just for the heck of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lets see, I am quite the busy girl.

Besides robotics I am the officer/section leader in the Marching Band, Jazz Band and Wind Ensemble. (I play trombone)

I volunteer at Mary’s Place every other Sunday, which is a center for children who have lost parents. ( I lost my mom a few years ago so I volunteer with the little kids)

I am a girl scout- currently working on my Gold Award project :slight_smile:

Youth Group- Sundays 7-9

Science Olympiad- Tuesdays after School

I also play varsity tennis and recreational softball.

During the winter I like to ski

Theres also NHS, student advisory council and the drama club.

and on top of all that I work about 15 hours a week at the local fabric/craft store. :eek:

why do we teens do this to ourselves? (well okay, why do I do this to myself?) lol

Other than FIRST, there’s not much I do. I play the violin in my school’s honors orchestra, which requires me to play in at least 2 school concerts with some additional performances (such as Glen Burtnick’s Xmas Xtravaganza, which is this Friday :)). I’m in German Club, where we eat… :stuck_out_tongue:

During my downtime, I’m usually trolling IRC servers, “editing” Wikpedia, poking around on YouTube or LJ, and chatting online with people.

more FIRST… oh wait, thats not a valid answer

I generally try to catch up on school, and friends (my social life seems to suffer outside of my team)

Oh yeah, and I like to bike, play/program computer games, and mess around with a video camera, army men, and combustables :ahh:

Hmmm…Dream about FIRST??

Besides that, I horseback ride at least once a week; I’m also learning how to train the foals. I am active in my Church youth group, play rec basketball, do LOTS of homework, have a part-time job (Wacky Bear!! :stuck_out_tongue: ). I’m also in TSA and NHS Busy, busy, busy! :rolleyes:

I’m part of Irmo’s Science Olympiad Team (I’m on our B-team) as well as our Academic Quiz Team. I am in Drama club (and do the fall performances…spring ones coincide with build season:p ) and Spanish Club and do some tutoring stuff for my science teacher.
And we wonder why I’m so busy.:rolleyes:

Boy Scouts, FLL on occasion, and lots of schoolwork.

Well…my life is busy!
Cheerleading, AP Chemistry, Robotics, National Honors Society, Secretary for my TSA chapter, Robotics, Student Council, fund raising for People to People Student Ambassadors, soon I will be learning a lot about the country’s I will be going to over the summer, fundraising for my robotics team, and TSA chapter, and there is so much more, I can’t remember right this moment. :smiley:

I love FIRST robotics the best though!

I am taking 17 credits towards a degree at VCU.
I play rugby and ultimate.
I am a member of the Pancake Club.
I work for Loudoun-Fairfax Ambulance. (I had never heard anyone pronounce Loudoun like that before Paul :P)
I bike around Richmond.
I volunteer with Ashland Rescue Squad.
I organize workshops.
I’ve been screening the cities of the world. (Some really neat movies)
I take road trips.

I enjoy life.


oh my. i have a long list.

Fashion Club (im president this year :stuck_out_tongue: )
Prom Committtee (uuf . im president again) lol
Solar Car!
Junior Committee
Student Council
Game Club (We run LAN parties :] )
Take Design/Graphic Media classes
I run a lot of school fundraisers, like movie nights, bake sales and such.


i read .
listen to loads of music.
watch movies
hangout with friends

with all this going on im really never at home. :confused:

but its all worth it :slight_smile:

Bike Around Staten Island
Play my PS2
Stay up endless hours
Go To Work :frowning:
I used to put model cars together but they’ve become less fun over the years
Play Computer Games if I’m really that bored

*(http://www.factorfantasy.com/100words/) *(http://www.factorfantasy.com/photo_albums/index.html) *(http://www.invisiblerobot.com/Eric-Heidi-Photos/Relay_2006/index2.html) *(http://www.critmass.org/books.htm) I manage two websites. I belong to PTK (honor society). And if I have any spare time or I’m bored with any of the above, I make jewelry and dream catchers and do just about anything that allows me to create.

I started doing Relay for Life (for the American Cancer Society) the same year I joined team 116. I can’t wait for the 2007 Relay! My team’s theme is going to be gypsies and we’re going to do our first on-site fundraiser! There’s even a possibility that one well known FIRSTer may participate in the Ms. Relay drag beauty pageant to raise more money for our team! My team’s name is “Dear Friends” and our motto for next year is going to be: “People will wander in and out of your life like gypsies but dear friends will always return.” Last year we were space pirates searching the entire universe for the ultimate treasure: a cure! We would probably have better themes and mottos if my other teammates actually helped me plan these things but since they don’t… and I better end this now because I can talk about the Relay almost (that’s almost) as much as I can talk about FIRST!