What encoder to use?

Hello CD,
We are debating between 2 encoders for our drivetrain, the Grayhill 63R256 and the WCP Dual Output Encoder. We are using custom transmissions, so these will be most likely mounted onto a wheel.

Does anyone have any recommendations or experience with either?

I would wait on the WCP encoder, It won’t be available for a month or so. It’ll function similar to an s4 encoder from US digital with a true absolute output as well.

Any encoder that has locking connectors is a huge plus.

The grayhill encoder works exactly as you’d expect it to, and is a nice, simple solution.

We have used the grayhill ones for several years and they work very well (even the 128s are good enough for most drive applications). As mentioned, though, they do not have locking connections. We use hot glue for these.

If you are using Talon SRX’s for your drivetrain, there is no need to have the dual output since the Talon will keep track of position for you. Other than swerve drive wheel angle, I don’t know of an application for an absolute encoder on a drivetrain.

I am probably missing something, but I didn’t see a link to complete tech specs for the WCP encoder. I would not recommend any encoder where we could not get to full tech specs (pin outs, signal specs, etc.) on-demand and easily.