What encoders do people like?

Last time we had a shooter it was CIM driven with a CIMcoder going straight to the Talon through the little encoder board thingy whose name I’ve forgotten but we bought through AndyMark. Worked pretty good.

If you’re using them with the Talon SRXs, absolutely use the CTRE SRX mag encoders and plug them directly into the Talon rather than back into the roboRIO. The advantages in this if you’re doing work with Motion Magic can’t be overemphasized. CTRE also has the new through-bore mounts for them, so it’s much easier to put them on a shaft (like a drive or motor shaft) and get very accurate readings that you can do amazing things with.

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I can vouch for them. We switched to them mid season 2018 and haven’t looked back. Very robust.

I really like how the AMT-103Vs interface with the Toughbox gearboxes and they are more robust than some of the earlier KOP encoders we used, but we found in 2018 that occasionally we would get zero readings from it until we reset our robot (can’t remember if it required a full power cycle or just a re-init of teleop). We directly wired the encoders to two Digital Inputs on the RoboRio. This occurred on both our drivetrain encoder and arm encoder during the course of competition so I don’t think it was a single bad device. Our programming and electrical skill set was such we certainly could have had something wrong in the config or had loose pins within our connectors. It was odd that it occurred with multiple devices and at infrequent intervals - maybe 5% or less of the time. Anyone else ever seen this or have ideas on a possible cause?

We didn’t end up using any encoders last year with Sandstorm and a relatively young team. Will be looking heavily at them for this year and I’d like to use the AMT-103V for drivetrain again with how cheap and plentiful they are, just want to make sure we don’t encounter the same issues we saw two years ago.

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