What encoders do you use?

Hey Chief Delphi
I have been working on some off season drivetrains, and was wondering what encoders have worked well for you? I want to be able to hook them up to the wheels to track speed.

The KOP encoders have always worked well for us…


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Is the magnetic one good, for a wheel application??

If you want to measure wheel speed, the KoP encoders should work fine. They attach easily to most AndyMark gearboxes. Magnetic (absolute) encoders won’t be as suited to the job, since you would need to differentiate the angle measured, where as with the optical encoders you can just count.

Ah. I somehow missed that.

Install E4P US Digital Encoder onto AndyMark toughbox gearbox:

Beware the encoder rate bug in the FPGA:





If you want to be cheap, use a hal effect bi-polar latch. We had a situation where mounting a shaft encoder was not nice. We attached a diametrically magnetized neodymium disc magnet to the end of the cim shaft and then mounted a Melexis US4881LUA within 3/8" of the magnet giving a non-contact Tachometer. $1.30 for 10 pieces. Used a male-female PWM cable and soldered it and a pull up resistor onto the male ends. Have to switch some pins. This will not give direction like a quadrature encoder. Can be used to give counts for distance and with a little more code velocity. Use the counter VI. Cheap non contact sensing.

Okay thanks everyone!