What environment will you use?

I know its a little early to know for sure, but I (and likely others) am curious.

What development environment will you use this year?

I’m going to try to use FusionEdit, but I’ll probably end up using MPLab.

My 10 year veteran team will probably use MPLAB. However, I’m a big advocate for rookies using EasyC. I was a nonbeliever until I helped a Vex team this Fall. They wanted to use EasyC. I found it easy to teach them how to program their robot using the tool.

Better interface than MPLAB, not as laggy as Eclipse. Haven’t tried FusionEdit, and notepad can’t run GNU make :slight_smile:

Ill be using eclipse this year.

Mplab. I just loves me my color-coded text!

Since all the team programmers are experienced with MPLAB, that’s probably what they’ll use.

Dont we all have to use EasyC @ some point to get to the new dual target tracking code?

From all the docs and CMU stuff I’ve downloaded it looks that way, although Mr. Watson may work his wonderful godlike magic to provide code for use in MPLAB :smiley: .

code::blocks if we use windows.
Eclipse if we use linux.

No, since it’s already been explained how it’s doing the “dual target” code, you can modify the current camera code to do it. Or wait for Kevin.

Kevin Watson has already hinted at this: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?p=549195#post549195

Kevin’s observations in that thread are worth reading. Think carefully about how/if you are using the camera, and what it will be seeing.

We’re going to try and use FusionEdit, and if it doesn’t work out, we could always just export the file to MPLAB.

You do realize that every option in the list (including many text editors) do syntax highlighting? That is a minimum requirement, IMHO.

Team #1519 is planning to use the Eclipse IDE to compile our C code.

Team 228 will be using EasyC PRO to program our robot this year. :smiley:

Right now I’ve been working on a PID controller in EasyC PRO that works nicely with gyros/accelerometers. I still have fine tuning to do, but I LOVE the speed at which I can get amazing code done in EasyC PRO.