What ESC Could Work for CIMS?

I’ve been doing robotics for a few years at my school and was looking to build my own bot in my free time. I was looking at the AndyMark Cheap & Dirty Electronics Kit (for 2 or 4 motors), which you can find here http://www.andymark.com/product-p/am-2493.htm. I’m still fairly new to robotics and wiring so was curious about a few things. Can standard CIM motors be run safely by the 40A Waterproof ESC with Reverse (http://www.andymark.com/product-p/am-2521.htm) found in the kit? If anyone has any better ideas or suggestions on how to make a cheap drive train please let me know!

I’ve used CIM motors with the cheap and dirty motor controller option. It works well. Another option is the SPARK motor controller from REV robotics which is 45 dollars each.

I think the cheap & dirty control system predates the existence of REV Sparks ($45) and SD540($49, 2x$95, 4x$188), both of which are cheaper than those and can take much, much more power which may be relevant for your project. Unless being waterproof is an important trait for your application, I would say go with either of the above.

I can personally attest to REV Sparks being nice to work with. If you used the old Talon SRs, they’re basically those but cheaper and with limit switch ports if that’s your thing. I’ve heard very little about the SD540s, beyond that they exist, which I only discovered when I was looking up the legality of some other motor controllers and noticed them and didn’t recognize the name.

Any brushed ESC that can do 12 can run a CIM, you’ll want something that can handle around 20-30 amps at least.

http://e0designs.com/products/ragebridge/ I love the Charels Guan series of Rage 1 and Rage 2 now ESC, pricey but works great with current limiting. And dual channel on one board.

If you’re looking for cheap you can get that Andymark “cheap quick” ESC direct from the hobby world for real cheap something like this: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=81505 Hobbyking is a great place to get cheap RC electronics, and electronics in general. Make sure you select to buy from the USA warehouse (stuff shows up in about a week).

They work just fine, just not fancy features and are usually overrated.

It seems good if you want a wireless control system for motors.

If wired control is ok, then pick your favorite motor controller, and use a Thrifty Throttle or Pulsinator to control it.


If you are going to drive, and want to turn, the Cheap & Dirty allows you tank drive. That would be harder to do with the Throttle or Pulsinator.