What event is your team registering for first?

With First Regional/District Event registration just a week from yesterday, what event do you plan on registering for?

Team 1257 is planning on registering for Mount Olive first. It’s close to home and always a great event.

Team 2052 is planning on signing up for the 10,000 Lakes regional first since it’s a local regional for us.

Northern lights in Duluth

Montreal, but we’re planning on attending Toronto central as well

Silicon Valley Regional. We live 20 minutes away.

We always do the same thing every year.
FLR then championships.
I don’t see that changing.

unless there is a drastic change in how we do things, West valley and CWU district events with hopes for our first Portland trip.

Midwest Regional will be the first one we register for this year. We’re hoping that St. Louis doesn’t fill up immediately with Kansas City & Arkansas being on the same weekend & Central Illinois being the weekend after.

What other events do you plan on going to? I think Montgomery will fill up the quickest because its the only mar week with 1 event.

From experience, we’ve found the Week 1/2 events to fill up most quickly. We registered a bit late last year and ended up on the waiting list for Mount Olive while the other events we were looking at (Seneca, Bridgewater-Raritan, and North Brunswick) were still open.

That being said, only Week 5 had two events last year, so things may be different this year. However, due to the large distance between Mount Olive and Hatboro-Horsham, I think both events will be quick to fill.

After Mount Olive, we’ll most likely be signing up for Bridgewater-Raritan next, then Montgomery or Seneca, though Seneca only if our school reschedules its Relay for Life from Week 3. In 2014 we did Bridgewater-Raritan immediate after Relay for Life, and a competition after 24 hours of not sleeping does not make for a good time.

Water Water Water

(And then planning on GTR East for our second event)

Definitely Las Vegas for our first round of registration. We always have a lot of fun in Vegas. Great venue, great assortment of teams, great event.

Home event, mainly because if you don’t register pretty quickly for that one, you won’t get a spot. Filled up in a matter of hours last year.

Minnesota North Star for both of our teams for sure. Maybe more depending on funding

Our little experiment trying to go to Dallas last year was a very costly one, so we’ll just be sticking with Hub City again this year.

Team 4276 is (most likely) registering at one of the largest, most competitive regional competitions: Los Angeles.

We plan on the UNH district event and we aren’t sure on our second event. We might be doing a third event out of the NE district!

We arent sure yet.

We are from Long island but ironically the NYC Regional is much cheaper to attend. (School doesnt cover buses and its cheaper to take the LIRR.

We hope to do both but thats only if we have enough money to do so. Right now after 1 competition entry we have $2,500 left in the budget. We havent received any sponsor money yet as we dont have any annual sponsors but, We expect to get another few thousand. We decided if we 5,000ish dollars in sponsor money then it is work signing up for a second regional.

We also are going to look to attend the Suffeild Shakedown.

Well in PNW we are auto registered for the closest event so that is going to be the Philomath District. Then we hope to go to Wilsonville or Oregon city.

Our team is still deciding between SAC, CVR, and SVR. SAC Regional will be during Easter Break, so for Catholics, it might be an issue.