What event is your team registering for first?

I assume that the Robolions will be registering for the St. Louis Regional first!

Currently we’re looking to register for the Boston District event. We’re looking at an earlier competition (week 1 or 2) and potentially an out of district event.

We’re going with Alamo…

Then Bayou… then Hub City… then CHAMPS (power of positive thinking).

I’m busy raising $$ to support the ambitions…

–Michael Blake

No GTR Central? I was hoping to see 1114 there like last year

4901 will be registering for Orlando, as we have the past two seasons. And this year, South Carolina is rolling deep! :wink:

4635 will be registering first for Mexico’s Regional and then to another event that is yet to be chosen.

Unfortunately not. We had a great time at GTR Central last year and wanted to return, unfortunately the event falls on the same weekend as the Ontario Provincial VEX Robotics Competition Championship which is hosted at 1114’s high school. As such, it’s impossible for us to attend an FRC event that weekend.