What Events Are You Looking The Most Forward to in 2018?

With the closing of the 2017 season upon us and 2018 fast approaching what event (or events) are you most looking forward to seeing in 2018?

I got a top 10.

  1. IRI The pinnacle of FIRST competition.
  2. MSC The level of competition at MSC from start to finish surpasses the championships, in my opinion.
  3. Rah Cha Cha Ruckus Gotta love your babies.
  4. FLR There’s no place like home
  5. BattlecrySo much fun!
    6 SuperRegional North The splitting of the championships have diluted the competition the field but it is no less important.
  6. SuperRegonal South Driving down south with Ben, Jazzy and Abby and going on championship tour was one of the highlights of the season. I’m hoping my job situation allows e to do it again.
    8.MAR ChampionshipsGreat teams and great people.
  7. Orlando RegionalMy much needed early tour, post build sun infusion with some of my favorite people in FIRST!
  8. Central New York RegionalA new regional and the introduction to Power Up make this a must!

Grand Forks North Dakota. I love that new event smell.

Michigan District Championship is always an incredible event to watch. It always has such an incredibly deep field, often more so than later events.

Also looking forward to my first time being field supervisor at the Montgomery district event!

The webcast probably cannot give off the energy the arena had when Saturday started. It was intense! It was electric! I had goosebumps! That doesn’t happen as much at events anymore for me.

It also is looking like it will be an interesting set of teams for a week 1 event.

I voted for MICMP, but in retrospect it’s gotta be the offseason Big Bang event, hosted by the amazing 280 TnT. Pure fun.

Every year I look forward to the PCH District Championship. Competing at U(sic)*GA’s basketball coliseum has been fantastic.

I especially enjoy getting to see the level of competition rise each year in the district, and all of that hard work across the state is shown at this event. It’s been great to see Georgia grow over the past five years.

*Tech all the way

Looking forward to the new central NY regional and IRI. It will be cool to see the change in game strategies and robot adaptations between the 2 events.

I haven’t been to very many events so I’m not very objective, but I love me some Denver Regional.

It’s always a high-energy party, for pretty much three days straight. I think the spectator section on the floor by the field is what really contributes to this. I’d like to see more events with something similar (I realize it’s not possible at all venues but still).

FLR does. We allow people to stand around the sides of the field and it has caused some friction with teams that aren’t used to it and at the Rah Cha Cha Ruckus we bypassed setting up bleachers and let people stand around the side of the field. Because the arena seating is located on the second floor the people on the sides of the field do not cause any issue.

I’m pumped for the new Central NY Regional. The team list is pretty incredible. Teams from all over NY are coming to the event, and we’ve even attracted 27 from Michigan, 319 from New England, and 2016 from MAR to join us for the fun.
And as of now, our one rookie team at the event is coming all the way from China- Team 7081!

I’ve gotta put a vote in for MSC. It’s always been one of my favorite events, especially since they expanded to 4 divisions last year. Each field was extremely diverse, but deep in their own respects, which made for an exciting and intense event, something I’m looking forward to again this year.

Looking forward to Chezy Champs and Capital City Classic. Both events are a ton of fun, and I love volunteering to help make the events a successful experience for the teams.

I’m planning on volunteering for the next capital city classic next year. It’ll be my first time volunteering at an frc event, and I’m excited to make some new connections!

I can’t wait for Rocket City!

Canadian Pacific Regional SOOOO many rookies. It will be interesting, especially as few to none of the rookies will have played an official event before (week 2 event).

I’m looking forward to Heartland even though I likely won’t be there, mostly because my team gets to go back to Kansas City during the season for the first time since 2015. Hopefully they get their stuff together in 2018, since CowTown proved to be some good competition.


Imma let you finish but ON District Champs was one of the best planned events of all time. Great robots is just the cherry on top. Can’t wait to see how it goes this year.