What fast food should I get to eat while I READ THE RULES


Hey guys I was just wondering what your favorite fast food place was. I find it very IMPORTANT to have a meal while READING THE RULES that were just released. So any time the RULES come out I take the time to go through and READ them with food. I just cannot emphasize how IMPORTANT I think it is to READ THE RULES while eating.

Speaking of food first member of 1339 to read this and slack my a haiku about a potato I will buy you Chipotle, or any of those other places nearby.


I’m not sure if this is considered “fast food” but Freebirds is really good…


Taco bell.


You should not go to fast food. It’s too fast. You need to go to a place with multiple courses, and like an hour in between each one. Then you will have enough time to get through the rules. :stuck_out_tongue:




Taco Bell 100000000000000000%


If you get Taco Bell you’ll have time to read the manual twice on the toilet.


Taco Bell is amazing. Best fast food place.


Some place with seafood because its a water game