What FRC Calculators do you want

Note: all abbreviation meanings can be found below.

I’ve developed an FRC calculator that can so far, take (Wheel Size)+(RPM)+(2 stage gearing)=(FPS). And a Linear Actuator Calculator that takes the (RPM)+(2 stag gearing)+(Thread Pitch)+(TPI)+(Actuator’s overall travel distance)=(DPS) and (TTC).

So now on to my real question, what kind of calculator would you like to see implemented or have? (examples would be, Center to center gear/belt calculator,etc.) Thank you for time. :slight_smile:

RPM = Revolutions Per Second
FPS = Feet Per Second
DPS= Distance Per Second
TPI = Threads Per Inch
TTC= Time To Complete

A district points calculator

Are you talking about a what if calculator? The FIRST and TBA ones update nearly live. What capability do you feel they lack?

Yes a what if calculator. The capability they both lack is input from the user to see what would happen with a certain ranking, award, playoff performance/selection.

I would try and develop calculators that aren’t already in the JVN Calculator.

As for what I would find useful:
Might be helpful to have a calculator that took the path length of a belt/chain run, the C/C distance of this belt/chain run, and give you the lateral distance off the centerline where a tensioner would need to be placed to properly tension the belt/chain run. (I have no idea if I explained that well.)

Also might be nice to have something that calculates the amount and placement of counterweight and/or counter force on some sort of arm so that it is balanced.

I’d be over the moon for any calculator that uses metric nativley.

In fact, last I checked, JVN’s calculator did a lot in metric, with conversions on the inputs and outputs. It’s also funny to see imperial calculators for metric pitched belts…

A time-to-distance drivetrain calculator with an experimentally determined friction model of the robot that also factors in voltage drop of the battery.

I’d be understating myself if I said that was a tall order.

What outputs would you like, or how would you like to us this tool?

It’s really not that bad actually, and I believe a few versions of that (or darn near it) have been posted over the years.

I have seen/heard of a few versions.

I think with the PDB now reporting channel currents, and even more accurate version could be correlated with a little bit of testing. That being said, If the tool is meant to be a predictor, then very little test information would be available at the time.

I’ve seen it, but not with voltage drop factored in before. This would be the Holy Grail of drivetrain calculators, I think.


Unfortunately, my current level of electrical knowledge is no where near what i would need to now about battery consumption so I will most likely not add that in until way later:( but I’m still open to other suggestions

(sorry for the bad pun :rolleyes: )

There was an Excel-based extension to JVN’s calculator that 841 pulled down from CD & used extensively in design this year (though we have not verified the results).

I can’t find it right now though :confused:
Probably using the wrong search terms.

was there something in there that you would like to have implemented on this?