What FTP Client do you use?

What FTP Client do you use. I always used Internet Explorer for FTP transfers but it kept getting stuck, crashing, timing out, etc. So, I switched over to WS_FTP and have had much success with that.

What do you use?

FlashFXP or SmartFTP


Check out FileZilla: http://filezilla.sourceforge.net/ It’s one of the best I’ve seen, and its FREE!

I use an old version of ws_ftple. It’s not as good as it used to be. You can still find old versions on http://filemirrors.com

Worth a look.

I also use WS_FTP.

Filezilla is my client of choice, and the server is pretty good too. (I use it to host several of my friends on my computer.)

I use FileZilla as well, very good. If you want to dish out the money, I liked CuteFTP as well


SmartFTP. Free for non-commercial use, and it’s worked very well for me. Easy to use interface, lots of options avaliable.

FileZilla, WinSCP3, or command line depending on OS

I use Transmit

It is the best FTP client that I have ever used.
It has a clean interface and all the features you would ever need for FTP

Command line for me!

I’ve been using SecureFX that I got from school. It seems to work pretty well.

I’ll second that, Transmit is great, especially on macs!
Two other very good programs are Fugu
Fugu and Cyberduck. I haven’t used Cyberduck quite as much, but I am (admittedly, rather blithely) assuming that, if you are using a Mac and this program is being featured on the Apple website, then it must be good!


Occasionally Internet Explorer 6.0 (when at school), but more often the control panel of my surver. :slight_smile:


I use FireFTP, since it fits nicely inside Firefox. It’s on the main extensions page–it’s too early in the morning to find a link.


winscp, if i’m on windows.

Filezilla…free, great product…awesome