What gets a blue banner?

I have a simple question, I couldn’t find the answer, but I may have missed it. What awards at the regional level get blue banners?

Regional Chairman’s Award.

Regional Winner.

That is all.


Engineering Inspiration has an option to purchase a blue banner, as well - but they do not get it at the regional.

Actually, you can purchase blue banners for all awards, or even no award at all.



How reliable is this site? Have you dealt with them before?

We haven’t ordered from them, but my understanding is these are the people that make The Banners.

That’s news to me. Is there a way to do it through FIRST or do we have to through that somewhat sketchy blue banner website posted above for $200 (that seems rather exorbitant for a blue piece of fabric with words on it)

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Those are the official “guys” for banners.

If you like, you can have a banner made locally, possibly for less money - just be wary of the FIRST logo and copyright, OK?

We have had ‘fake’ banners made - about 1/4 size and very non-standard text - as a memento for mentors. I have one in my workshop, depicting Team 1676’s awards for 2012. And no logo.

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Unless I’m mistaken, don’t division wins, world champions and FIRST Hall of Fame teams get blue banners in addition to the regional wins and chairman’s’?


Yup, banners are awarded for those three awards at the Championship level. The original question was:

Ah, sorry about that. Should’ve read into it better.

This is who makes the banners for the IRI and they are great to work with.

What are banners awarded for and where/how do you get them?
Came close to our first win.

Regional Winner and Chairman’s Award Winner are the only officially awarded banners by FIRST.

Other banners can be purchased here: http://www.first4tees.net/FirstBannerSite.htm


I think this thread might have the answer you’re looking for!

I never know whether or not for Engineering Inspiration, you are ‘entitled’ to a banner but FIRST never provides you with one and you’re supposed to get it yourself or if you just aren’t supposed to have one at all.

thank you for the link

You can buy a banner for whatever you want. Besides for our official Winner and Chairman banners, our team also bought banners for when we won Rookie All-Star in 2005 and Finalist in 2006. As you can see on the site (link posted above), you can even buy one for just being a competitor at an event.

Not that I plan on doing this, but could you purchase a regional winner banner for a competition you didn’t win? :rolleyes: