What Grease Does Your Team Use?

What grease should we buy and use in our gearboxes? Just trying to get a general consensus of what other team use.

Thank you

Can’t speak for other teams but my team uses white lithium grease


We usually use white lithium. You can get it from most hardware stores.

Usually for AM products I’ll use red and tacky since they usually ship us a packet of it, and that is what they recommend.

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We use the red tacky from AndyMark because we have so much of it.
It occurs to me that I’ve never looked into it, are there applications that we shouldn’t be using the red tacky and we should have lithium on hand for?

Moly all the way

our team abuses the fobidden strawberry jam so as we have so much of it


Our team calls it pizza sauce because of it’s resemblance to lunchables ™ pizza sauce packets

Red tacky. It resists being thrown off the gears. (As shown by a recent test by … 95? Spectrum? I can’t remember).


Having used these greases this season and driven a whole lot I am extremely happy with our choices. Especially using syringes for application.

Edit: ‘white lithium grease’ is an extremely broad group of greases (that use lithium as a thickener). From McMaster there are 10 different viscosities and 20 different application recommendations for ‘lithium grease.’ Thus I would encourage people to provide links or other specs with their suggestions.


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DuPont Chain-Saver on our spur gearboxes. White lithium grease on our planetaries.

We use Lucas Oil Red & Tacky Grease for our drivetrain gears, and white lithium for versa-planetaries. Our mentor was lead engineer of an ARCA race team, who was sponsored by Lucas Oil lol.

We use red’n’tacky for most everything, but we recently started using Mobilgrease XHP461 (a type of lithium grease) on VP gearboxes per 95s recommendation, which has worked out pretty well.

We use the old Blue’n’Goopy: MOBIL Multipurpose Grease: Mobilgrease(R) XHP 222, Lithium Complex, Blue, 13.7 oz, NLGI Grade 2 - 1MUC1|121929 - Grainger

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I prefer the taste of red n tacky over white lithium. The sprayed stuff just doesn’t have a good texture.

ETA real insight - red n tacky and various sprayed types are my go to.


One of our students keeps a syringe full of Red’N’Tacky. Puts the stuff where we need it, and it stays.



We use this stuff.

We use the Mobil XHP 222 Special, which is their XHP 222 lithium grease with molybdenum sulfide added to it. It sticks to the gears really nicely and minimizes the need to apply more as the season progresses. We first started using this because it was what Banebots used to recommend for their planetary gearboxes and we liked the results so much that we’ve kept using it ever since.


White lithium

Opened up the grease drawer yesterday.

All we had was two tubes of super lube.

We’ve tried out many different greases but always find ourselves going back to https://www.homedepot.com/p/Lucas-Oil-8-oz-Lithium-Grease-in-White-10533/202535870