What happen with 6986 finals 2?

What happen with 6987 in finals 2 when they drove off hab 3? Almost seems like when they backed into the drive station wall a encoder got messed up or something? Anyone have any insight as to what happen?

They were lagging the entire match.

Ok I was wrong. Just got information after the team landed in China. Coach confirmed it was connection problems with the field. Their joystick lost connection.

My bad, I wasn’t there because I have final exams coming, didn’t know what actually happened. Sorry drivers, shouldn’t have blamed you guys.

Original post:
[There was lag, and also the drivers were rookies this year. They just started training at the beginning of the season, so although the kids are not going to admit it, my guess is they just messed up under the pressure.]


There was a connect error that we lost two joysticks connection at that time.

However I still don’t find it strong enough to explain why our robot just rushed out of the HAB. Maybe our drivers were too nervous to operate correctly that moment. Whatever the reason. It’s still our fault that cause this final 2, or maybe even the whole finals to lose, my apologies.

Thank you team 254, 3310 and 948. And our opponent team 1323, 973, 5026 and 4201. We will prepare better in the next year of the match and see you guys then!


Hey, it’s not your guys fault. ■■■■ happens, in that third match 254 had a hatch stuck in their robot for the first 20 seconds. Which caused them to miss out on 10 guaranteed points and who knows how much more, not staying that it was their fault but that didn’t help l.

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Do not dwell on things you can’t change. We loved working with you guys and if the opportunity ever presents itself we will definitely play together again. I have a new favorite Chinese team!


Thank you. I just want to find out the reason our robot behave like that, and trying to make sure it won’t happen again. Love you guys and hope we could meet & play next year.


6986 is the first Chinese team ever to hit Einstein field, and the highest rated team in China by ELO. You guys should be immensely proud for the robot you built, and your performance on the field (up to and including Einstein finals). I think you’ve got a bright future ahead, and you’ve gotten your way onto the radar of hundreds of teams around the world. Great job in 2019!


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