What Happened to Class?

I have been on these forums for two years now, and in FIRST for three. I’ll start off by saying that I’ll try to keep this short, I always hate reading really long posts myself.

First off, does everyone remember that what they say and do on here reflects right back on their team? If you are rude and obnoxious and make insinuations based on information that you don’t know for 100% fact, not only are you embarrassing yourself, you’re embarrassing your team. Do you really want to make your team look bad?

In the real world, the way in which you present yourself has a great impact on a number of variables. If you go out and spread rumors and say things in a way that people take offensively, others will not only think badly of you, but of those with whom you associate yourself as well.

I guess I always have felt the desire to make myself and my team to have a positive image. I’ve been told by a number of people that the way that I have spoken and what I have said on these forums has reflected positively on my team’s image. I can’t imagine why you would need to say something negative or especially spread a rumor, so badly that you would risk your team’s reputation on it.

Mom said it a long time ago, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” I’ll add truth into that equation and go with it as a rule of thumb on these forums. I ask everyone to refrain from embarrassing themselves and their teams, and to keep in mind the spirit of the organization in which we participate:

This is the first post that I have ever “modded” to become a sticky. Each forum user should read Beth’s eloquent words. Her post should be gold plated, framed, and nailed on the town hall doors for all to see.

Andy B.

Agreed. You can make your team well known simply by posting through these forums, whether you are aware of it or not. Needless to say, that can be either a good thing or a bad thing. You may think you’re having a little harmless fun and can insult, make fun of people, or just generally act ungraciously and unprofessionably, but come competition time, your team will be looked at differently by people who post on here, who tend to be rather involved in FIRST. Chief Delphi isn’t for making enemies…it’s for making friends.

Agreed. Very good, Beth.

I’ve added it to the site-wide announcement.

Honestly, in my mind, positive things people say here gives me a positive opinion of their team.

But negative things only gives me a negative opinion of the person, not the team. I don’t judge an entire team by the negative words or actions of one.

This is how I live my life outside of FIRST as well in terms of race, sex, religion, nationality, political views, etc…

And most of the time, I forget my negative opinion of the person the second I meet them in real life…

I have to agree.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a post that was intentionally ungracious, but sometimes it is easy to misinterpret when you’re not face to face with someone.

So this is something poster should keep in mind, but if you find something offensive, PM the person. I’m sure it will end up being nothing more than a misunderstanding.

That is why part of me dislikes chatting on the internet, because so many things can be misunderstood. Facial expressions say a million things, and tone of voice says jsut as much, when you do not have those, most people tend to take it as an offensive comment and then you get one of those " Oh no he didn’t." lol And we don’t like those!! :slight_smile: But for the most part I haven;t seen any comments that I’ve found offending so props to alot of team members in my eyes!!!

And major cookies to all the engineers and mentors I’ve seen posting. Its very cool that you ahve so much love for FIRST and your teams to “keep up” with what alot of people are talking about.

Thankyou Beth for those wise words.

I also have to say that the FIRST oragnization as a whole, and the Cheif Delphi website and its users as an important part of first, have impressed me with their gracious professionalism throughout my rookie year. There has been a sense of common appreciation and respect throughout the organization that I have yet to see in many groups i have encountered. I honestly haven’t seen many examples of meanness of any kind related to FIRST, which is absloutly amazing given an activity with so much work and stress and emotion involved. As far as I have seen, everyone can fit in and feel welcome in FIRST (even crazy event announcer dudes with bright blue hair :wink: ) kudos to the huge majority being good people, shame on the rest of y’all.

I also have to thank you for the post Beth. I needed it, and I think that we all needed to read something like this. Once again, thanks.

Very well put. I believe that you change forever, the life of everyone you meet. (including your writing on an electronic forum.) If that is true, what you post here has an effect on thousands of people. Thanks for having a good effect on me.

Beth I totally agree with you!!! I know that sometimes I come on the forum and I see IM talk and everything and I dont understand what people are talking about.



I have read what you have to say, and I am very glad you said it. I agree 100%. I have made negative posts in the past on my own team’s forum, and it has caused no good. I am now much more aware of what benefits the whole team, and not just myself. Thanks for posting this!

i agree that this is a very important thing to keep in mind when making posts … as i have been looking at cd for 2-3 years now, i have i seen many posts with negitive comments and it certainly doesn’t help your opinion on a team.

yes… ! thats a very good statement! i agreee. .i have seen many teams members talk down to other teams etc… its foolish… … all team members that go on cheif delphi are like spokepersons … and must act as such i would think. .


I have to agree with everything that’s been said here, 100%. I don’t like the rumors that can be spread… we joined each individual FIRST team, whether it be Lego League, FRC, or Vex, to have fun (Yeah, my grammar’s a little off, for any english nerds out there, sorry). Why spread rumors and have all this hostility/back talk/down talk if you joined your team to have fun and experience something different? Everyone should be able to have a good time without rumors or anything like that attatched to their name.

Now to stop before I start rambling… >.>

Thank you Beth, for the awesome reminder.

Personally, I don’t hold grudges towards someone who posts on a forum such as this. I have seen posts that made me cringe and made me overjoyed. I have met people with cringeful posts that were insightful, intellegent, charismatic and friendly to me, and I have also met people with a high rep count and intellegent post tendency that lack respect for themselves and others and felt our friendship sink from it. However, as she says so correctly, that first impression is everything for a period of time.

Thanks to everyone for making this a good place to be :slight_smile:

Beth I totally agree with you.

be gracious and professional :slight_smile:

I understand what you mean, Genia. That’s why I prefer to meet Robotics people face to face at competitions–it just makes me feel better knowing that I’ve actually spoken to the person who I’m talking online to.

I agree with the post. Everyone should be a model of good sportsmanship and make each match played fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow great job Beth!!! I agree with you 110%. We have a parent on our team who should read this. We try our best to be positive and all it takes is 1 person to turn positive into negative. Lets face it we all work our butts off for the 6 weeks and we can get a little testy!!! I for 1 would much rather put on my happy face then bring everybody down. Stay positive and reach for those stars!!!
I really think this will be the 1st game where hard hats and eye protection will be passed out at the doors for visitors!!! :cool: