What happened to the Rambots Chat Server?!?!?!?!?!?

Posted by Brian Savitt.

Student on team #56, Robbe Xtreme, from Bound Brook High School and Ethicon Inc…

Posted on 5/9/2000 7:43 PM MST

I am just curious as to what happened to the server because I cant seem to get in
If anyone knows anything please post a follow up message
Team 56

Posted by Lora Knepper.

Student on team #69, HYPER (Helping Youth Pursue Engineering & Robotics), from Quincy Public Schools and The Gillette Company.

Posted on 5/10/2000 7:48 AM MST

In Reply to: What happened to the Rambots Chat Server?!?!?!?!?!? posted by Brian Savitt on 5/9/2000 7:43 PM MST:


Don’t worry, I haven’t seen Anton online at all either. That usually means that MediaOne is giving his cable modem grief. Since Anton hosts the Rambots webpage on his home computer, no modem means the site is down. I think if you give it a little while, everything should be back up and running soon.


Posted by Anton Abaya.

Coach on team #419, Rambots, from UMass Boston / BC High and NASA, Mathsoft, Solidworks.

Posted on 5/10/2000 3:22 PM MST

In Reply to: I wouldn’t worry too much posted by Lora Knepper on 5/10/2000 7:48 AM MST:

my computer fell in love with sleeping.

it should be up soon…


ps. sorry for the inconvenience. with college and all, it’s hard to take care of such a delicate site.