What happens next? DL Finalist

Stupid question, after the season ends and deans list winners are announced what happens to us finalist? Are we just forgotten about?

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There is definitely a level of college recognition, and I even think they get some prizes, but I don’t know the specifics.

Congrats on being a Deans list Finalist!!

Your name/award is now tied to your Blue alliance page, similar to any other award your team may ever get: C.A.R.D.S. - Team 7850 (2022) - The Blue Alliance

You are also encouraged to use this award on your college app/ resume/ etc, for as long as you see fit.

Great work.

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There’s nothing official left for finalists to “do”, the process ended with champs - but, you’re still a part of your team and your local FIRST community. There are still opportunities for you to learn and grow in your team, and to help lead your local community. You can (and should!) include the distinction on your college applications.

As a finalist, you’ve been recognized as one of the best in FIRST - so go out there and be the best :slight_smile:


Now is when you start to compulsively volunteer every waking minute /s

In all seriousness, though, nothing official happens but I hope you’ve met a great group of people. Many of us 2017 finalists are still in touch (though I’m horrible and responding to messages always, so they may from time to time forget I exist).

Your new status as a DLFA is a great talking point for interviews/applications, and a great launchpad for you to do whatever you see your next role in FIRST or otherwise.

It’ll probably rarely come up again in a few years from now, but you’ll always have the hard work you did – and the teddy bear, if they’re still giving teddy bears.


We were supposed to get teddy bears?!?


I think the swag may vary year to year. We got teddy bears, travel mugs, and headphones iirc.


Wow, that’s awesome! We got a $25 amazon gift card lol

In 2021, they gave us PDF certificates to print out.

(obviously it is an honor and whatnot but they may be phasing the bear and stuff out)

How much for the bear! /hj XD yeah we just got money nothing cute and cudly

Yeah… once upon a time, (also a 2017 DL Finalist) we got bears, backpacks, water bottles, and other DL branded goodies.
In 2020, they shipped these goodies to our Finalist. So when we had a 2021 Finalist, I waited for her to get her bag. It never came. Another mentor asked FIRST and they said nothing was being sent out. Budget cuts and such.
So around comes 2022 and I think that maybe our 2022 Finalist will get his gift.

Yeah no. They didn’t even have the stickers at the luncheon which I had asked him to grab a few for the last two years of students who didn’t get any…

Okay, so rant aside. I tell students both before they go into their interview and afterward that the most valuable part of the Dean’s List process is the Dean’s List process. I work with students for hours over the course of the season to prepare them for the interview and they take those interviewing skills to college and scholarship interviews the next year and then job interviews later. Sadly, the Dean’s List Award is becoming less and less flashy to win, but take your interview experience into future character interviews and you’ll do great.


Congrats on being a DLF! I realize that you have at least one more year as a high school student, but I’m gonna share a little bit of what I shared with my seniors at our awards banquet this past weekend. This doesn’t directly answer your question - but I do find it related.

Despite what you may hear at competitions, from FIRST, or whoever - you do not owe any more of your time as an alumni to your team or to the FIRST program.

I love my alumni. I love seeing them and hearing about what they’re doing now. They make meaningful contributions to our current team, often by showing up at kickoff and building our field the first week of build season. Some of them are volunteering at events, and some of them are now even graduating college, getting full time jobs locally, and looking to mentor with us. It’s awesome.

But they do not owe that to me, the team, or to FIRST. If they take the skills, knowledge, and experience they’ve gained from their time to use it to positively increase the quality of their life, that’s enough.

I share this just because I know our DLF (or even DL nominees) are the ones most likely to feel like they owe the team or the mentors that worked with them that effort of coming back. And really what us mentors want is just for you to take what you’ve learned and use it.

rant over - congrats again!


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