What happens when you are disqualified?

This may seem like a funny question, it’s party because we’ve never been or don’t plan on becoming disqualified for any reason, but what do you do when you are disqualified? Is your team supposed to bring the robot to the match anyways? Or do you just show up without your robot?

And when you are disqualified through a Red Card, does that mean you’re disqualified in your next Match, or in the Match you were issued the Red Card in?


You should always bring your robot the field as long as it is safe to be around and to compete with. When you do receive a Red Card in a match it DQ’s you from the match you were issued it.

During the Qualification Matches, a team that receives a Red Card will receive zero Qualification Points. The rest of the teams in their Alliance will still receive the earned Qualification Points.
During the Elimination Matches, a team receiving a Red Card will cause the disqualification of their entire Alliance for that Match.

To clear up any additional questions not answered by Erik

Something additional is that when a team gets a red card during a match, they carry a yellow card forward to their remaining matches. This means that the team would get a red card for a second yellow if they commit a yellow-card offense in a subsequent match. This isn’t much of a consideration in this year’s game, because there are so few yellow-card offenses, but it has been a big issue in previous years. (Carry-forward yellows are dropped when eliminations start; you begin elims with a clean slate.)

It gets more complicated when your robot hasn’t yet passed inspection.

Robots that haven’t passed inspection will be DQ’d (they get no points), but NOT receive a red card if they send a player to report to the field.

However, the player CANNOT PARTICIPATE in the match - no Inbounder. If the player does, then the entire alliance gets a red card.