What has been the BEST part of this years game?

We’ve heard lots of opinions about how there are things wrong with this years game…
What do you think has been the single BEST thing about this years game?

Autonomous mode!

I just hope they have more documentation next year to help rookie teams out with it, and they better leave it at no more than 15 seconds!

Driver control should always be the main contributor to the match :wink:

More Interaction between robots! Auto mode, lack of non-contact rules, those lovely, breakable, blue tubs! (so innocent so so soft.):wink:

I really liked the ramp. There is a lot of potential for tipping robots, and it taught all the teams with top heavy robots a lesson. I like the concept of robots fighting for king of the hill, and that robots have angled sides as a strategy for keeping king of the hill.

Auto mode: Watching bots crash and hit things.

Also watching our bot in 2WD push other robots up and over the ramp in automode…

I like how things are not what they seem. Stackers, with the exception of a few (i.e. 365 and 624), are not prominant. Also KOTH are not as good of a strategy as we all thought. Also, I like this years appeal to first time spectators.

The best part is that we are one of the few teams who successfully built a robot that accomplishes the purpose of the game: stacking!

i like the AI mode. We stacked in one match, didnt help us very much though

the increase of power of the drill motors…meaning this years robot has about the same as last years robot, Fluffy, despite the different treads and gear ratios.

it was awesome giving the software team a challenge in programming a good auto mode. Also, this year’s game (for the most part) was a good one for rookie/underdeveloped teams because the design of the robot this year is only a small part of the game; strategy and driver skill is a larger determining factor making the game challenging for everyone, but also giving the rookies a fair chance w/ their first-year robot.

the auto mode and the scoring system are awsome. I like auto mode because it sets up the game and gives the programmers a full time job, and the scoring systems makes you not want to shut down your opponent.

Auto mode

hands down

Now its like a real robot, not just a big RC car.

Hopefully Autonomous mode is here for good. Already wondering how they coul d do it next year.

Been a good run

Luck to all at Nat’s

Yes, Auto mode is now something that runs in all of the programmers blood systems now, I think :slight_smile:
The concept of the game was really good, but there were several flaws:
1- Line-tracking - It was just too slow. I doubt there is much FIRST could’ve done to fix this.
2- Stacking - As it turns out, this was rarely used, yet it was one of the main factors of the game. I think the main factor should be a little more easily manipulative, like the ball/goals in the past, but it was a great idea!
3 - The bar - This was a feature that turned out to not be used often as well. There just wasn’t any point to go over to your opponents side from yours, unless they just built a stack, which (as stated above) usually never happened.

However, yes, the ramp was good, but it did limit the amount of open space on the field alot, and presented a few problems with center of balance, etc.
It was a great game, but because of many rules/restrictions, it highly limited the true capabilities of some teams.
I did enjoy the spectator-friendlyness of the game. It was great, there is definitely alot more public attention this year than ever before.
I also DID like that First has begun to consider options OTHER than balls and goals, and since this is their first year experimenting without them (Or, First year for quite some time… since I’ve heard they’ve used other things in the past) I guess you can’t blame them if everything doesn’t quite go as expected.
Overall, the experience this year was great, and we had a fun time. I look forward to giving and hearing other peoples input about the game as well!

I thought the Kit was the best part of this year. Still needs some minor refinements but the Kit was WAY AWESOME! Easy for rookies to build a capable platform yet adaptable enough for veterans to buils an outstanding piece of machinery (not to say rookies couldn’t do that too)

Auto mode and the ramp combination, a very good combination.

This years game was much more exciting to watch and play than last years. I loved everything about this years game EXCEPT the Elim. round format. The boxes worked very, very well as they could be manipulated (pushed) by even th most basic robot so it made most matches very exciting. FIRST madethe right game this year. My only beef besides the elim rounds was the lack of help, documentation and support for autonomous mode.

Autonomous Mode is no doubt the best part of this year’s game. let’s hope, like alliances, that auto mode is here to stay!

I must agree. I also think that FIRST but love that whole idea. I won’t be surprised if they have it next year and they probably will keep it for the 15 seconds.

I have to say the best thing was having all the bots going for King of the Hill. Having bots collide into each other and getting flipped over was cool. If not that then seeing stacks of 8 boxes or so getting knocked over, and flying was pretty amusing

Autonomous mode, in most matches it could make or break the final outcome. Also getting to the ramp was fun, once the last 30 seconds game everyone started yellin and headin towards the ramp where there would be awesome collisions and a way to show the strenght of some teams. All in all a good year